GIIS History

GIIS history can be traced back to the year 2002 when the school was first established. We are a leading international school providing the CBSE curriculum to students across our global campuses in seven countries.

We have come a long way since our inception in 2002.

Back then, GIIS had a modest presence at Mount Sophia in Singapore with a strength of just 48 students. Nearly 20 years since, we have grown to span seven Asian countries with 21 campuses combined in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam and India.

Today we are a leading international school offering Indian and International curricula to students from diverse backgrounds.

We have steadfastly focused on providing an extraordinary education to students from all over the world in GIIS Kuala Lumpur and all other GIIS campuses in all 7 countries. In adopting the cultural ideology of “Schools That Learn”, we make each and every member of our community an equal partner in the process of learning.

Our embrace of innovative ideas has ensured that student education does not face hindrances in face of any adversity. That is clear from our successful Virtual Classroom and Scholarships initiatives.

GIIS History - 2010


First campus in the Middle East opens in Dubai. The move makes GSF a global group, and the management fine-tunes internal processes in order to maintain quality and professionalism across its schools.

GIIS History – 2008


GSF opens a 3rd Singapore campus and expands into Vietnam and Malaysia. It continues to expand its presence in India to meet the rising demand for private schools. These schools provide an avenue for returning expatriates to more easily transfer their children from an overseas GIIS school to an Indian one.

GIIS History – 2015


Acquires One World International School, a premium pre-school and primary education focused international school.

Developed newly acquired school in Abu Dhabi.

GIIS History – 2017


Consolidation of two smaller Singapore campuses into the new state-of-the-art Punggol campus with capacity expansion.

Further expansion overseas with the planned opening of campuses in the Middle East and India.

GIIS History – 2007


GSF continues its Asian expansion with the opening of a new campus in Thailand and its first campus in India. These new campuses mark a milestone in Global School’s history where it expanded via local partners through joint ventures or franchise.

GIIS History – 2011


GSF continues to expand in India. The endorsement by IFC affirms GSF’s growing brand and reputation as an international school.

GIIS History – 2002


GSF opens its first campus in Mount Sophia, Singapore with 48 students.

Founder Atul Temurnikar saw the need for an Indian school that allowed Indian children to continue studying in a similar system to India.

GIIS History – 2006


After 4 years, GSF opens 2 new campuses in Malaysia and Japan and a 2nd campus in Singapore. The overseas expansion was part of the group’s plans to serve the needs of overseas Indians working in Asia.

Educational Philosophy

At GIIS Kuala Lumpur, our steady focus has been on providing high-quality, values-based education to students at a moderate price. In an effort to continuously better our processes and create a ‘school of tomorrow' to continue the tradition of our GIIS history, we have embraced the ideology of "Schools that Learn" which automatically makes every member of our community an equal partner in the process of learning.

Through academic, skills-based and values-focused knowledge that we impart to our students, we aim to nurture and mould them into global citizens who are capable of taking up any challenge thrown at them.

Ample opportunities are provided through proper academic exposure and practical demonstrations, as well as mentorship and guidance to cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship, leadership and teamwork among students, empowering them to take an active role in their own progress and be joyful, lifelong learners.