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We offer in-person, counsellor-led tours six days a week at our Global Indian International School in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur campus. For a flexible and seamless campus tour experience, we request you to book a slot

Giis Kuala Lumpur Campus Tour

The best way to experience our international school in Brickfields is to join us on a counsellor-led GIIS campus tour. We are excited to meet you and show you the smart technologies and infrastructure that we have to offer.

Nestled in the heart of Brickfields is our globally acclaimed GIIS Kuala Lumpur international school campus. The GIIS campus offers plenty of options for you to experience right from virtual to in-person insider tours. Our tour guides will give you an excellent opportunity to experience the student life, learning facilities, smart technologies and campus grounds first-hand.

Get a first-hand experience of what it is like to be a student with our personalised GIIS East Coast Campus Tour. Meet our campus tour guides to get an insider tour of campus grounds, learning facilities, and gain insight into student life.

GIIS Smart Campus Tour is an excellent opportunity to view GIIS Smart Campus grounds, experience the  learning facilities, and attend student exhibitions. Connect with our insider tour guides who will give you insight into student life and share their experiences.

Book a Campus Tour
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Campus Tour Includes

An in-depth look into student life on campus and campus grounds. Our campus tour guides will highlight popular places on campus, provide fun facts of the campus, offer an inside look into a student’s perspective, and give an exclusive tour of learning facilities & collaborative spaces.

Campus Tour

In addition to a walking tour of campus grounds, a big part of the campus tour involves getting to better know our admissions teams and teachers. You can meet our admissions team members on the same day as your campus tour. It is the perfect opportunity to ask specific questions about our curriculums and admissions process.

GIIS Malaysia Campus BuildingGIIS Malaysia Campus Building


Once you submit the application for your child, our admissions counselors will contact you to schedule a time for your child to take an assessment. This assessment is designed to evaluate the students academic skill and will help our counselors recommend the curriculum and academic plan that is right for your child.


GIIS Kuala Lumpur provides state-of-the-art facilities to support our students’ personal and academic growth. Here are some of our on-campus learning facilities.

Admission Process

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