Everything You Need to Know Before You Apply for Scholarships in Kuala Lumpur International School

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Jun 21, 2021

There are plenty of scholarships available for children. However, with so many options and misconceptions, they often miss out on the best scholarship that can aid them with financial assistance. If you want to apply for scholarships at a well-known Kuala Lumpur International School, this article is for you.

You must be wondering what Merit Scholarships are, and how they differ from basic need-based scholarships. This article will inform you all about merit scholarships and how you can get them.

What are merit scholarships?

Merit scholarships are easy to understand. They are awarded based on the student’s academic and extracurricular performance. They are different from need-based scholarships as they are not awarded based on the student’s financial needs.

Many Kuala Lumpur International Schools award scholarships on your GPA, community services, SAT scores, and other factors. Make sure that you have good academic performance for these scholarships. Merit scholarships can cover all your tuition fees and other expenses for a period ranging from one to two years, whereas some may cover your tuition fees only. 

Organizations that provide merit scholarships outside the school expect you to specialize in other skills such as art, writing, and more. In addition, some schools have specific targets like scientific research, web development, and graphics designing.

Since you know about merit scholarships now, you should be aware of some myths that you must clear before applying for scholarships. 

Debunking the myths

Myth 1. The more you apply, the more you win

Applying plenty of applications can be a good option as it minimizes your chances to lose. With that said, it is beneficial for your chances to win, but it can also harm you for many reasons.First, applying for too many scholarships can overwhelm you. You can miss out on the deadlines or get fatigued by filling all the applications. 

Second, many students apply for the same scholarship you desire for. Many scholarship applications have an easy submission process. This may look easy to grab, but it's hard to win.

A good strategy would be to look for scholarships that suit your strengths.

Myth 2. Outside scholarships are more beneficial

Several organizations and institutions provide scholarships other than schools. It is observed that schools themselves grant $175 billion every year for scholarships. And outside organizations have a budget of $11 billion that is much lower than the college.

Scholarships outside the educational institutions may look good on paper, but they are not beneficial in terms of aid. It's better to check with a Kuala Lumpur international school first for scholarships.

Myth 3. Top schools award merit scholarships

You might be assuming that top schools provide the best merit scholarships. But the real fact is that not all top schools give merit scholarships to the students. There are almost half of the top schools that do not waive out any tuition fee. Now, where can you apply? Some top schools still provide merit scholarships, merit cum means scholarship and talent based scholarships as well.

Myth 4. Merit aid will add to your need-based aid

Some people think that applying for both types of scholarships will aid them with more benefits. This is a false assumption. Schools are aware of your financial needs; even if you get merit scholarships, they will cut out the benefits of your need-based scholarship. That means you can't have both scholarships at the same time. Therefore, there is no need to apply for both scholarships. Instead, try to invest your time in one type of scholarship that you can earn easily.

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Favourable strategies to get merit scholarships

1. Apply to schools where your chances are more.

When you apply for scholarships, make sure that you apply to schools where your profile is strong. Having a high profile that fulfils the requirements of the school will increase your chances of winning it. For example, here in Malaysia, you can apply to a renowned Kuala Lumpur International school. 

2. Don't ignore international institutions

International institutions have outstanding sticker prices than public ones, but that doesn't mean they do not offer benefits. Many private colleges aid you with decent merit aid. In countries like the US, almost 50 private colleges award students with merit scholarships.

3. Start early with the preparation

It's better to start early and be organized before you apply for scholarships. First, make sure that you know the minimum financial aid you would be needing. Then, once you have applied for your scholarships, do not forget to write key points and important dates. Finally, make sure that you don't miss out on any last submission date.

Some schools seek different applications and requirements. For example, schools that offer different types of merit scholarships ask for various essays and documents, which can be problematic sometimes. Whereas some schools look for different aptitudes in students. They expect them to be creative and talented. Students must have leadership qualities and determination to achieve the best.

To conclude, focus on the next steps

Since you know about merit scholarships and how you can easily win them, you should not waste your time investing in searching more about them. Instead, organize all the documents and requirements that the schools can ask. Make sure that you are genuine with your essays. Your writings are accepted as proof of your thoughts and personality. Write from your own experiences and opinions to make an impact.

GIIS communications team

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