How to determine the best age to send your child to kindergarten?

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Jun 21, 2021
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Are you thinking of sending your toddler to a kindergarten school? Well, this is a right first move in his/ her academic life, as Kindergarten is the primary step towards formal learning.

As a parent, you must be wondering that your toddler is ready for learning all the basics taught in preschool. But are you sure whether he/she is fit to focus on academics with others or is it too soon? It is vital to note that the environment in a school will be completely different from the comfortable life at home. There are chances that your toddler might hesitate to socialize with others. So it is advised to send the kid only when he/she has reached the right age.

The basic admission age required for a private school in KL is 4 years. Whereas in countries like India and the USA it is 3 years and 5 years respectively. The cut-off age of kindergarten school may vary from place to place.

In India, a new concept has been discovered where the parents can delay the registration of their toddler for formal learning. This is often known as redshirting or academic redshirting. Parents who redshirt their kids want them to utilize that time for better learning and prepare them for socializing with others. 

However, this does not impact academic efficiency. The only benefit observed in kids was that they adapted quickly to the transition of learning.  Even in the US, the trend is different. There, parents believe that kids learn enough words and numbers that can help them communicate with others easily. So, to prepare them for formal learning, they start homeschooling their kids at a very early age. So it is apparent that there is no hard cutoff age parameter for a kid to start going to a kindergarten school in Kuala Lumpur.

How to assess the child’s readiness to attend kindergarten?

You must check whether your toddler has these aptitudes before signing up for admission to a kindergarten school.

1. Gross motor skills

Gross motor skills are physical activities that include walking, jumping, running, and balancing on one foot. By the age of 2,  all children have developed these skills. However, if there is a delay in developing muscles and neurological nerves, you should  consider checking if formal learning can be delayed a bit.

2. Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are small skills that include holding a glass of water, holding crayons and pencils, cutting paper, and more. These small skills improve hand-eye coordination.

3. Emotional development

Observe your toddler if he/she can express what he/she thinks and feels. Emotional development is crucial for determining the correct age to start kindergarten. Kids must have control over their emotions when they are socializing with others. While attending kindergarten, it is expected that children know how to communicate and express themselves. Therefore, you should consider their emotional development before sending your toddler to kindergarten school.

4. Social skills

You must check if your toddler is good at socializing with others. This does not mean that he should only be able to communicate with others, but he should also know how to respect elders. He should know how to initiate a conversation and ask for doubts from the teachers.

5. Cognitive development

Since you plan to send your toddler to kindergarten, you must observe his learning capabilities. Kindergarten is a part of formal education, and therefore it is necessary to learn and grow. Therefore, kids need to be attentive in class. Cognitive development helps them to understand and learn what they study.

Now, since you know what points you should consider before signing up for a kindergarten, you should start selecting a school that fulfils your toddler's needs. Every child is unique and has different needs. You must select a school that is close to your house. The school must provide individual attention to all the kids.

Private schools in KL are the best in delivering knowledge and attention to the kids. Before signing up for a school, you should consider the environment of the classroom. To ensure comfort, make sure that you know the teachers well.

Kindergarten is an initial entry path for proper growth. Hence, teachers expect their kids to develop the following traits:-

1. Enthusiasm - Kids must have the enthusiasm to learn new things. They should not limit themselves with their spirit.

2. Self-control - It is expected that kids should have a sense of self-control. They must know how to control their anger and jealousy.

3. Respect - Since a kindergarten has a vast generation gap between the staff and the students. Kids must know how to respect elders.

4. Empathy - As we all grow into our busy lives, we forget to care about others. Therefore, it is expected that kids should learn to be empathetic to others.

5. Conversation skills - All schools expect their students to know how to communicate easily with others.

6. Ability to follow instructions - It is crucial to follow the instructions given by the teachers. Kids must know the importance of their homework.

7. Attention - It is expected that kids can attend the class calmly with focus.

8. Basic knowledge - kids must have a basic knowledge of shapes, alphabets, numbers, and colors.

The basic age to start kindergarten would be best determined by considering your toddler's personal needs. If you think that your toddler might not adapt to the environment, there is nothing wrong with waiting for him to grow.

The tender initial years of a kid is a time to have the utmost fun. Forcing your child to only study instead of playing is the wrong path to follow.

Even if you are not planning to start kindergarten now, you should start preparing your child by refining his skills and teaching him basic alphabets, colors, shapes, and numbers.

Final words

As it is said, age is just a number. So don't panic with your toddler's growing age. Instead, plan out the best time when your child is ready for it. Every child is unique and has different development patterns, some develop fast, and some may develop slower than others. But that doesn't mean that your child will never be able to grow.

Take time to let your child grow in a nurturing home environment, before exposing him/ her to kindergarten at a good private school in KL.

GIIS communications team

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