Tips On Teaching Children About Personal Safety

Ms. Kalyani Balapatra
Mar 14, 2022
Personal Safety Lessons

Giving children Personal Safety Education is essential today so that they feel safe.

There are various methodologies, safety rules, that can be used to teach and promote safety which will not only empower children to protect themselves and others.

What Is Personal Safety?

Personal safety means recognising the possible harmful situations or persons in your surroundings and avoiding or helping yourself to get out of it using various street smart skills.

Personal Safety Education empowers children with age-appropriate information, skills, etc so that they can help themselves in case of trouble like unsafe touch, unforeseen conditions.

● It helps them to know the difference between safe touch and uncomfortable touch, good and bad people.

● It helps them to understand their emotions (fear, anger) and positively use them.

● It helps children to stand up and fights for their rights.

● It builds the self-esteem of children.

Personal Safety Education

Children need specific lessons to understand and deal with potentially unsafe situations.

Open communication is key which can help them open up and in return help you to support your child.

Every child is different, they learn and think differently. So, you have to use one or another method to help them understand it.

International Schools conduct various sessions on Personal Safety Education in helping children and parents understand it better.

Tips and Strategies for Teaching Kids to Be Safe

Create Rules

Never go with an unknown person, inform parents about everything, do not eat anything from unknown people, share if something is bothering etc.

Create necessary rules to keep them safe and also let them know clearly why you are asking them to do so.

Some Of The Rules Can Be:

● Know Your Name, Number And Address

● Do Not Eat Anything Given By A Stranger

● Do Not Climb The Fence

● Do Not Go Anywhere Alone

● No Playing or Experimenting with fire

● Never Go Anywhere With A Stranger

● If Lost, Stay Wherever You Are

● Do Not Share Address And Phone Details With Anyone

Set A Secret Password

Set up a secret password with your child, so if anyone claims to be the family member or someone else, your child can ask the Secret Password.

If they do not know the password, your child will know not to trust them and ask for help.

Talk About Uncomfortable Feelings

Being parents it's your responsibility to keep on asking your child if they ever felt uncomfortable or felt strange. Asking them politely will help them to reveal things.

Notice Their Behaviours

Check if your child feels fearful or gets anxious while going to school/ tuition class while discussing some topic or someone, notice their feelings and talk to them.

Be Aware

Notice with whom your child is spending time, check if they are getting an unusual deal of attention or gifts. Ask various questions to understand the situations.

Sometimes being parents we need to keep a check on people also so that our children stay safe.

Be Specific

Explain to them all things that can be done so they remain safe. Telling them specifically will help them to be alert.

Example: An unusual way of seeing, using inappropriate words, etc.

Teach Them Their Rights

Teach your child that they have the right to confront any unwelcome, uncomfortable things.

Teach them to tell you immediately if it happens and give them assurity that you will help them out and you are there for them.


Find resources, take the help of videos to help them in understanding, teach them how to react or deal with some situations.

Example: If they get lost in a public place such as the mall, supermarket or amusement park, ask them to look for a security officer or store clerk wearing a name tag and ask for help.

Let them know to never go with someone who claims to know where their parents are.

Listen To Them

Most parents do not listen to their children, if your child feels that you are always shouting, they won't feel safe sharing with you.

Always be their friend, listen to them calmly and compassionately and assure them that you will resolve the problem.

Digital Safety

For younger kids, personal safety extends to their digital life, appropriate and inappropriate online, social media safety tips, instil boundaries where technology is concerned to protect your child against online predators.

A Few Personal Safety Rules for Children

● If in case it happens or if you feel confused unsafe, uncomfortable say 'NO' and get away.

● Teach your children to scream and run away if anyone tries to grab them.

● Teach your children how and when to call the local emergency number, in case of an emergency, and practice with them.

● Always check with your parents before going anywhere, don’t go unannounced.


IGCSE Primary School believe it is important that we teach our children about these basic safety rules from an early age.

Children and young people have the right to feel safe and secure where they live, play, and learn, and no one can force them to do things against their wishes.

You can teach them age-appropriate things so that they can understand. There are certain things that they will understand as they grow.

Keep communicating and be their friend so that they can share with you everything. One of the most important things we can do is to protect our children by educating them about personal safety.

Being parents helping our children with basic safety tips is our responsibility to make them alert and prepare them how to deal with various situations.

Teaching them simple strategies and providing the right information will not only help them be safe but also build their confidence and make them feel empowered.

If you have any concerns and queries regarding children’s safety leave your comments below. Share your thoughts and feedback.

Ms. Kalyani Balapatra

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