Prepare Your Child For A Bright Future – How To Approach The Scholarship Process

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Jun 21, 2021

Quoting Swami Vivekanand, ‘Education is the manifestation of perfection, already existing in a man’- since birth every child has certain qualities within him/her and with right education and nurturing, a child is able to identify these qualities and hone them to perfection. This is where a school plays an imperative role in a child’s life-  to polish their skills and knowledge so that they shine out from the crowd. Being the source of knowledge, educational institutes should provide students with freedom and opportunities to hone their inner desires and excel in any field they pursue.

A school is one of the most important motivators for a child and hence, must recognize and acknowledge students who show great potential and are meritorious in sports or academics. In order to laud and encourage the achievements of the young, bright minds, they offer various national and international scholarship opportunities for them. Students who are deserving and meritorious are rewarded with scholarships that boost their self- confidence and they strive to perform better each time. Scholarships also encourage other students to aspire to achieve one with their hard work and dedication.

Easy Steps To Apply For a Scholarship

Step 1:  Select the level of Scholarship

All the scholarships awarded by any school are mentioned on the website with full explanation. Based on your education, you can choose the applicable scholarship. The scholarship levels, including high school, undergraduate, post-graduate, and fellowship levels of scholarship etc. ‍

Step 2: Select the Year of Application

Once you have successfully selected the scholarship level, you have to choose the year you want to apply for the Scholarship. Your scholarship must be applicable for the grade you are in.

Step 3: Select the Name of the Scholarship

After you have successfully selected your scholarship year, you will be provided with a list of all the available scholarships for that year. Most schools offer more than one scholarship for every grade.

Step 4: Fill in the Required Details

Every available Scholarship differs in its requirements depending on the organization funding the scholarship and level of difficulty. Therefore, carefully follow the instructions and provide the relevant information and documents.

Step 5: Submit your Application

Ensure to proofread the work to avoid any careless mistakes, click on the submit button. Make sure to take time to go through the application before submitting it to avoid careless mistakes that could cost you your university scholarship funding.

A student can apply to more than one scholarship if s/he thinks that they fulfill the requirements expected in the scholarship. Follow the same process for the same.

Right Time To Apply For a Scholarship

It is said that there is no ‘right time’ in life; the time becomes right when one decides to achieve or start something. The child’s will and interest to send an application for a scholarship is the very first step for applying for a scholarship. It is always advised to be aware about all the important dates pertaining to opening and closing of submission, date of interview and many such crucial deadlines.

As parents you should motivate your child to start preparing and aspiring to get a scholarship from an early stage, for instance, taking part in as many extracurricular activities and school activities can eventually be helpful while applying for talent based scholarships. To have an impressive record and portfolio, a child should ideally start working towards it at a young age.

You must be aware of all the important documents that are supposed to be submitted while applying and if need be, consult a trustable person or authority if you have any confusion regarding the process or the documents required for applying to an international scholarship. An early start will certainly make your application process smooth and efficient. It will also give you ample time to go through every scholarship in detail and choose the one that benefits you the most.

If you excel in sports, writing, the performing arts, or any other extracurricular skill, you might have a shot at a scholarship. Look for niche educational programmes that will improve your chances to win a scholarship in what you are good at.

When it comes to financial aid, various schools offer a beneficial means cum merit international scholarships which are dedicated to the students who have shown academic excellence and belong to the economically weaker section in order to reduce the practice of dropping out of school after class 8 and encourage these students to continue their education further. 

Such opportunities support students via financial assistance, and make education easily accessible and affordable for parents and students irrespective of their financial capabilities. The scholarship contributes to the educational needs of students from every strata, through various initiatives and schemes. It can be applied by any student across all grades.

Some Tricks of the Trade To Win a Scholarship

It is necessary that you put your best foot forward to succeed in the final lap. Therefore, you must know certain tips to keep yourself afloat throughout the process. These tips and tricks will surely help you to enhance your performance and increase your chances of earning the scholarship.

● Begin early

As soon as you decide to apply for a scholarship, start preparing then. Do not procrastinate thinking that the application submission has time. Early start will help you to prepare an impressive portfolio for yourself and overcome your shortcomings as well.

● Set realistic goals and take breaks

It is good to be passionate about winning a scholarship but do not exhaust your energy in the entire process which will affect your physical and mental well being. Take breaks and then start working again towards building your portfolio. Make realistic timelines that you can achieve without getting exhausted. Ensure to not burnout as it will affect your performance and will make you give up sooner.

● Prepare for exam

Start preparing thoroughly and sincerely whenever you get the exam date and topics to study. Scholarship tests can be a tough nut to crack but give your 100% to crack this nut. Remember, when going gets tough, the tough gets going.

● Practice for interview

Appearing for an interview is much more than what you speak there. It is also about your body language and physical appearance. Ensure to dress up properly and formally before an interview and be confident about whatever you speak. Practice speaking in front of a mirror to remove any type of hesitation or stutter. A candidate who speaks with conviction and sincerity is always appreciated.

● Be You

Never pretend to be what you are not. Be natural with your answers and responses. The interviewers or examiners must be able to see authenticity in you and your answers.

● Proofread your essay

Once you are done with your personal essay, do not look at it for a few days and allow yourself to calm down. After a few days break, re-read your essay and make improvements wherever possible. Send your essay to your family or friends who will give you constructive feedback. Ensure that your essay is clear, to the point and tackles the subject you are supposed to write about.

Like life throws obstacles at us, while going through this scholarship process even you might face certain obstacles but, if you are truly determined to get a scholarship then learn from the failures and improve your application the next time you apply. Having a positive and hopeful attitude towards life is extremely important to be able to appreciate everything you achieve in life.


GIIS communications team

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