Qualities you should check about an international school

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Oct 8, 2020
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Parents aim to provide their children with the best education possible. They always lean towards international schools which help in providing a complete sound education. It is understandable that choosing a school can be a daunting task. Provided that there are so many good schools to choose from. Boiling down and shortlisting schools can be a time-consuming job. There are multiple factors that one needs to consider before actually deciding which international school will be best for their child. 

International schools provide limitless opportunities and resources. They expose the students to various possibilities, cultural exposure, and high personal growth. Global Indian International School GIIS is one of the most famous international schools in Kuala Lumpur. The school provides excellent academic exposure alongside a wholesome environment in which students learn and grow.

Qualities you should check about an international school

● Academic excellence

Academic excellence is one of the key factors one should look out for when searching for an international school in Kuala Lumpur. The school should have a good reputation in academics. This can easily be assessed by checking the school’s official website where academic excellence is listed. The academic results help in establishing the focal point of education of the school and how well are they taught to the students. The results reflect the quality of teaching and overall giving a picture of how well the international school is performing.

● Quality of teachers

The quality of teachers is a deal-breaker and thus knowing the standard of teaching facility provided is a must when looking for an international school. The teachers should be highly professional at their job and should hold a sound degree to teach. Along with that, they should also be able to provide complete guidance to the child as and when required. 

● Good location

No matter which school is being chosen, the location should be a very crucial deciding factor. It should be made sure that the child is not commuting to and fro from school for long hours. The distance should be minimized between the place of stay and the school. The time spent traveling should be less so that these valuable hours can be spent on playing and development. 

● School’s culture

It is important for parents to match their personal values and philosophy with that of the school. It will allow their child to easily settle down in the school. One should look after the mission and vision of the international school. It is always advisable to visit the school once, meet the faculty members and principals to understand the school better. It is important for students to continue learning about their heritage and culture about the place they belong, even if they are studying abroad. 

● Customized lesson plans

Every student is unique and thus each and every student has a different learning curve. Before selecting, it is important to make sure that the school provides customized lesson plans to a student who needs it. Every student is different, and with the help of customized learning, the school should provide different ways for a student to learn at their own pace. 

● Support system

The school should have an exceptionally well support-system. A brilliant international school should have people who are ready and willing to cater to any kind of student’s needs. 

● Facilities provided

The international school should be able to provide all the facilities that are needed for the overall development of the students. If the child likes to play basketball, for example, the school should be able to nurture that talent and hence should have a coach and a basketball court for that. An international school will have a clean and beautiful campus with an ample amount of space for the students. The classrooms should be spacious and most importantly the student to teacher ratio should be good. This helps the teacher to give proper attention to every student in the class. 

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● Visit the school

It is always advisable to visit the campus before enrolling the child in it. Visiting the campus will help one get a good look at the school in person. This will help in getting the feel and overview of the environment. A safe campus will ensure peace of mind regarding the safety of the child and it will help them grow in a secure environment. It is also advisable to take the child to the school. It will help in getting familiarized with the environment. 


● Diversity

It is becoming very important these days to teach students the importance and relevance of diversity in today’s world. Thus a school which has people from all over the world will help the student learn about a lot of different cultures. An international school with students all around the globe will become a melting pot of culture which will help the student learn a lot. Interacting with people from different cultures will aid them in learning something new every single day.

● Curriculum

If you are looking for a specific curriculum that you want to teach your child, then you need to find schools that provide the same. Many international schools provide IB (international baccalaureate) programmes. Make sure you know what the curriculum is being offered in the school before selecting. 


Global Indian International School in Kuala Lumpur is one of the most sought after and famous international schools. The school offers a holistic education and firmly believes in giving the students a strong education base with the overall development. They are determined to make the students global citizens. The teachers and administrators work together to ensure that the students are provided with world class education. The school emphasizes mental and physical well-being and provides an all-round development to the students. The infrastructure of the international school in Kuala Lumpur is class apart. With state of the art buildings, the school becomes heaven for any student who is enrolled here. The school gives plenty of room to grow and nourish. Global Indian International School Kuala Lumpur campus is the only international school in Kuala Lumpur to provide a complete international curriculum from K-12. 

The world-famous Global Montessori Programme is inculcated in the school curriculum which gives a balanced development to the students in their youngest phase. It is offered to the students from Nursery to Kindergarten. This programme comes with a plus, which means that the system is well-rooted to understand the requirements of the student, and the curriculum is designed in such a way that it helps the natural curiosity in them. This prepares the students for upcoming challenges. 


International school in Kuala Lumpur - GIIS strongly believes that to prepare tomorrow's leader- they need to be nourished with the overall development. Thus to cater to this need, the school provides ample opportunities for the students to showcase and enhance their talents and skills. A lot of extracurricular and co-curricular activities are offered so that the students can pursue their passion side by side with their education. The school also has a music room, a well-stocked library, play area, audiovisual rooms among others to give complete development to the students. 

This one of a kind international school in Kuala Lumpur believes that happiness is the key to success. They have something called a happiness index. It is very important the students are happy with what they do. They should come to school happy and go back even happier. It is very important that the students start loving and enjoying themselves at school. If the student is happy, the learning process becomes fun and easy. 


Here are some excellent takeaways from an international school -

1. Students will become excellent communicators. As the student learns to be with people from all over the globe, they will learn the art of effective communication by practicing it on a day to day basis in school.

2. They will be able to think outside the box. Students will be challenged to think outside the box in the school environment. The curriculums are designed in such a manner that the students are required to think critically and creatively.

3. They will be empowered with knowledge from all across the globe as the school is a melting pot of culture. They will learn to respect all cultures and be disciplined. They will also have a good knowledge of different parts of the world through constant interaction between various students on the campus.

4. Students will be risk-takers and will not shy away from taking experiments. International schools push students to develop answers on their own. They are asked to think critically and effectively. The top priority here is to give the students their freedom to expand their knowledge to its full potential. 

5. An international school provides an overall development thus the child will be well-balanced with a sound educational background.


Undoubtedly, schooling is an important part of any child’s life and it is understandable that parents think a lot before finally settling at one. The process can be made easy by following the glances given above. Make sure to double-check everything before finalizing their future. Following these guidelines will be helpful in finding the right international school.

GIIS communications team

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