10 Effective Strategies To Motivate Your Child To Learn

Ms. Lekshmi S
Apr 21, 2022
Learning Strategies

As the students enter higher classes, the constant pressure of studying more, scoring better, and submitting their assignments on time increases.

There are many students who find their way to perform exceptionally well in the examinations as well as in classroom discussions. However, there is a whole section of students in each class who struggle to even get started.

Hence, as a parent, it is important for you to take equal participation in ensuring that your child is motivated to learn and perform better in an international school. The parents must know the thin line of difference between forcing and motivating.

Your child must not feel forced to study but motivated to complete their homework and assignments on time in lower secondary school. You need to find encouraging ways that help your child to build habits that last forever.

So, what exactly can you do to bring out the motivation in your child that has literally gone into the shells? Here are 10 effective strategies to bring back your child’s motivation and help them learn quickly. Let’s get started.

10 Smart Ways To Bring Back The Learning Zeal In Your Child In School

1. Diagnose The Hindrances

A child could be demotivated for plenty of reasons. Looking for the root cause of this demotivation will let you help your child seamlessly.

The different reasons that could result in zero motivation in children are:

● Low self-confidence,

● Anxiety about going to the school,

● Difficulty in adapting certain learning styles,

● Poor understanding of certain topics taught,

● Anxiety about going to school,

● Lack of proper study schedule,

● Inability to build a timetable.

2. Develop A Reading Routine

Reading can do wonders to your child’s learning skills. Establish a new reading routine for your child. It could be a family reading time where everyone reads their own book at a dedicated time of the hour.

Your child will be surrounded by a reading atmosphere that will fill their brains with rich vocabulary, new learning concepts, and great communication skills.

3. Let Your Child Have Control

You must have noticed that when it comes to education and learning, all that children experience is control from their teachers, tutors, and parents.

It is time to turn the tables and let them command their learning techniques. Usually, if a student feels controlled, they feel a constant burden and hence, withdraw from studying.

It is now time for you to let them have control of their learning experience and see them perform better than in previous times.

4. Build A Sturdy Study Plan

Students are likely to study well with a well-organized structure. Dedicate some time to your child and help them complete their homework each night.

Help them revise everything they have learned before going to bed. It will help them retain all the topics covered in class.

Prioritize the important tasks to be accomplished first. Allot dedicated time to each subject for learning. This will help in creating a rigid plan for your child which will be suitable for them to adapt.

5. Create A Rewarding Framework

Rewards are perhaps the best key to motivation for struggling learners. Reward them with activities like spending time on their leisure activity once they finish their homework on time. You may introduce the concept of collecting points to achieve a certain milestone.

For example, you may allot 10 points for each day if they complete all the tasks on time. Upon reaching 250, 500, 750 points, you may take them to watch a movie or go for a picnic or treat them to their favorite food.

6. Indulge In Stress-Reducing Activities

In today’s world, stress is the only thing that is constant. Hence, ensure that your child takes required breaks and has time for de-stressing activities like going for a walk, listening to music, painting, etc.

7. Learning > Performance

Many parents and children forget that it is the learning that matters and not just the performance.

If you make this concept clear to your children that they should have a clear understanding of the topics taught and must learn them rather than just scoring well by mugging up, you will see a sudden shift in their learning approaches.

This will boost them to study in an organized manner and without even knowing it, you will observe good grades as well.

8. Open Communication Is The Key

Parents usually neglect what and how their kids feel while running their own errands. It is time to stop the practice and make dedicated time for your child to have open communication with them.

Know how your child feels, about his or her likes and dislikes. See if they are facing any concerns in classrooms or have problems learning certain topics.

They may even have the fear of being judged, put down, or discouraged. Put an end to all these by discussing with them and letting them know that you are there for them.

It is the most secure feeling that your child may have experienced in a long time. Help them with solutions that will help them modify their learning practices.

9. Introduce New Learning Techniques

There are different types of learning techniques that you may introduce to your child. The top international schools have seven fundamental techniques which are visual, auditory, verbal, physical, logical, social, and solitary.

Know your child’s learning type and help them develop their learning habits around that particular type. 

10. Celebrate Achievements

Celebrate your child’s achievements, no matter how big or small.

Finished reading a book on time? Celebrate.

Scored great in a surprise test? Celebrate.

The joy is in celebrating every minor achievement that they have accomplished. The celebration of each milestone will help your child attain great goals in no time with utmost motivation.

If you are also looking for a lower secondary school that fosters your child with similar practices as yours, then Global Indian International School is the ideal choice for your child, staffed with the best teachers and modern learning techniques that motivate your child to visit the school each day with great enthusiasm and zeal.

Ms. Lekshmi S

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