5 Things To Teach Your Kids (In Sneaky Ways) This Summer Vacation

Ms. Kalyani Balapatra
Apr 15, 2022
Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is around the corner and the children are super excited about the summer vacation. They are waiting for that last school bell to ring so that they can run in joy and spend leisure time for the next two months.

The little kids have already planned out their vacation - the trips, the games, the TV shows, they have already put their brains to work.

However, it can be a challenge for the parents to manage their work, home, kids, and then their homework & studies. The parents need to find ways to keep them engaged, active, and also connected to their studies so that they are equally focused to score and excel by the year-end.

Hence, we bring a great guide for the parents of primary school kids with 5 things to teach their kids (in sneaky ways) during summer vacation. Let’s get started with this fun blog.

5 Things To Teach Your Kids This Summer Vacation

1. Make Reading A Bedtime Routine

There is no denying the fact that the habit of reading has shown immense results in the overall growth of the students.

The students who read regularly have great command over the language, rich vocabulary, quick-witted minds, excellent communication skills, and great concentration power. These students have a dedicated bedtime routine that includes reading.

You can make reading fun for your child by following the tips - 

● Let your child choose their genre of books. Do not impose your choices. Let them be the master of their own choice. You will be amazed to see what interests them most. 

● Read together. Make a habit of reading together. A quiet time where all the family members gather in a room and read their own books. This also strengthens the bonds and helps your child stay motivated to read.

● You may choose a fun book to read with your family. The activity may include each family member reading out a paragraph aloud with voice modulations. This is a fun activity that you can do to develop the habit.

● Take your child to a summer reading club and get them registered as a member. Libraries usually have fun summer reading programs meant for children to participate in.

2. Trips To Museums And Historical Places

Summer vacation is the best time to explore the historical beauty of your city with your child.

Take them to local museums and monuments and let them know the importance of our history. It is a fun way to educate our children about the calendar of events.

You may take them on fun day trip adventures like a visit to the zoo, visit an animal or bird sanctuary, visit a historical site, a trip to a working farm, attending a local festival, watching a live sports event, attending cultural events, visiting cultural exhibitions, etc.

3. Get Creative In The Kitchen

Introducing the kitchen to your child would be one of the best decisions you will make. Start with something fun like making mocktails. Collect different jars and different fruits & juices to make fun mocktails to drink with your friends and family.

Over some time, it will get creative as kids can start making different cuisines, baking, cooking, etc. Cooking is one life skill that is a necessity in today’s life and everyone must know it.

4. The Art Of De-Cluttering

Children love to collect stuff and keep them in a locker for eternity. They are most likely to grab anything that interests them and does not like to throw them at any cost.

Hence, it is important to let them understand the importance of de-cluttering and adopting the skills of minimalism.

With this, you can also indulge them in a bedroom makeover which will make de-cluttering easier for them. Get them all consumed in DIY activities and arts to decorate their rooms rather than purchasing expensive stuff.

5. Make A Scrapbook Journal

Tell your child about the importance of making and storing memories. Making a scrapbook journal is the best way to preserve them.

Help your child to click pictures of all their activities and adventures during the summer vacation and store them all in one place. They can use magazine clippings, art papers, markers, glue, and creative stationery to create a journal of their own.

Tell them to write their experience along with the picture posted. It will help them remember the event and also enhance their creative writing skills.

The kids may choose to write about their favorite adventure of the day, the new things they learned, something that surprised them, something good they learned from a stranger, their favorite travel destination, one thing they would love to do again, one thing they could do it all differently, etc.

The schools these days give the students ample amount of time and opportunities to make the most of their summer vacation. They give students real-life-based homework to finish based on their experiences and not just theoretical bookish assignments.

Global Indian International School is a renowned Kuala Lumpur school that primarily focuses on the interests of the students while fostering the best education possible.

The school is staffed with the most experienced teachers and new-age teaching tools and equipment that make learning an easy and fun process for the kids.

Global Indian International School in Kuala Lumpur assigns pre-designated homework to the kids which they love to do during summer vacation. They indulge students in fun activities, DIYs, and adventures while staying at home.

Apparently, the students are more than excited when school reopens with so much more to learn. Summer vacation gives the students a perfect break to break the monotony of visiting the school and just studying.

GIIS has highly focused on giving kids the life they want along with inculcating the best habits in them. They also sow the seeds of exploring their interests and discovering their passion during summer vacation with the help of creative homework assignments.

The kids love to perform such activities. So, what are you waiting for? Put an end to your search and make the most of the opportunity by enrolling your child in Global Indian International School.

Ms. Kalyani Balapatra

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