The Best Private School in Kuala Lumpur - Aims, Visions & Scholarships

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May 19, 2021

Kuala Lumpur is a thriving city of Malaysia which has seen an unforeseen growth in economy, population as well as educational scenario in the last few decades. This has happened because of the growth in the number of educated people in the population and also the government's policy to attract expat families in the nation like never before. Due to this, there has been a sudden surge in private schools in Malaysia. All these schools are global in their approach and strive hard to sustain in this competitive sphere. The only exception in this rat race is a school called the Global Indian International School that has its heart in the right place, and which does not see education as a business but a way to build a better world for the new generation.

GIIS Kuala Lumpur - The School with a Heart

The vision of this private school in Kuala Lumpur is to nurture the students into global men and women who will become distinctive leaders in the future, and who will be committed to a spirit of overall excellence throughout their lives. They provide high quality education to all their students by experienced and knowledgeable teachers who are extremely caring about the individual needs of these students. This is how they aim to achieve their vision of creating empathetic global leaders.

The mission of school is to create future citizens who will have strong values and virtues in them. They will have creativity as well as entrepreneurship along with dedication to provide the best in whatever work they do. They will be the embodiment of all round development in an individual, who is not only excellent in academics but also has shown considerable amount of success in all kinds of extracurricular as well as co curricular activities.

Understanding Each Student is the Priority of GIIS Kuala Lumpur

The main concern of the Global Indian International School, Kuala Lumpur is to continue to keep on growing and evolving in order to cater to whatever requirements the students of today might have. The world is changing every day, and with that the psychology and the approach towards study in children is also changing. Each child is going through a lot of emotional and psychological stress these days due to academic reasons and also other kinds of problems, like peer pressure. 

As a result, they feel emotionally drained and turmoiled in these kinds of scenarios. If the school, on top of that, is not empathetic enough to understand these growing concerns in a child, then it fails as a place of education. The Global Indian International School is an exception here because it tries to understand each of its students in a better way through proper psychological counselling by qualified counsellors who are extremely gifted to understand the problems and needs of individual students.

These councillors sit for individual sessions with the students to understand the troubles and limitations of these children. After doing that they speak to the concerned parents about the child's problems. By sitting with the family, the GIIS counselors try to understand what could be the reason for the problems of that particular child and from what incident have these problems rooted. 

After understanding the root cause of problems, they try to figure out what are the possible triggers that might create difficulties in the child. Only after the parent has agreed to divulge information to the teacher, the councillor speaks to the teacher and works to help him or her in order to minimize the possible triggers and help them heal through an understanding atmosphere. 

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GIIS Kuala Lumpur - Their Visions and Belief System

The reason why this private school in kuala lumpur has sustained over the past decade is because it has been stringent about its mission and vision. They have not compromised with their core values and beliefs and have thus become synonymous to quality education in Malaysia in the past few years.

The GIIS Scholarship Advantage

GIIS provides yearly scholarships to students who show academic merit throughout the year. It offers them 2 years of free education, boarding and other facilities which ensure that the student who wins the scholarship has a better future.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Universal –  The GIIS Merit Cum Means Scholarship

The Global Schools Foundation or GSF contributes to the academic needs of students with the help of various initiatives as well as many programs. This foundation has initiated this Merit-Cum-Means scholarship, and through the renowned Tunku abdul rahman scholarship, GSF intends to extend their support to the students with financial assistance.

The main aim of GSF is to ensure that education becomes affordable for parents coming from different financial backgrounds. The Tunku abdul rahman scholarship is offered to all the students who are residents of this country, including the existing parents as well as the student fraternity of GIIS.

Global Citizen Scholarship – The Special GIIS Advantage

The Global Indian International School has also launched the Global Citizen Scholarship or GCS which is given to distinguished students who hail from this particular region. It intends to become the stepping stone of a student's career so that eventually they get wings to fly high in the future. The highly revered regional scholarship, Global Citizen Scholarship or GCS, provides its students with an unparalleled opportunity to get an illustrious learning experience that would not only make them future global citizens but also will ensure that they make great results in the board examination. Once they can procure good marks in their board examinations it will be much easier for them to access all the reputable universities all around the globe where they can enroll themselves for the highly regarded undergraduate programs of their choice, ensuring their future path.

GIIS Scholarships - Who Can Attain These Scholarships

The minimum qualification of applying for these scholarship is that the student has to hail from any of the ASEAN countries :

● Malaysia

● Thailand

● Vietnam

● Indonesia

● Cambodia

● Myanmar

● Singapore

● South Asian Nations

● India

● Sri Lanka

● Bangladesh

Apart from that students who intend to pursue their overseas education in this country and who hail from Gulf countries as well as European Union countries are eligible to apply as well. 

As mentioned earlier, the scholarship funds encompass not only the cost of total education of the student for the coming 2 years but also living costs and boarding expenses at the GSF campus. This particular scholarship is targeted at students who want to study in any of the Global Indian International School campuses in Kuala Lumpur in Grade 11 and 12. Each of the applicants must be a student of class 10 and the scholarship eligibility is not valid for the current academic year students of Grade 11 and 12.

Global Indian International School, Kuala Lumpur - An International School With a Difference

The Global Indian International School, Kuala Lumpur, that is the reason is an international school with the difference which is dedicated to provide not only quality academic experience to all its students but also ensuring that they have an easier path for attaining it. They believe that every deserving child should have the chance to acquire quality education and that is the reason they have launched these international scholarships so that quality education is not unattainable for a person who is truly deserving, no matter what economic background he or she hails from. 

GIIS communications team

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