Tips to Help students Earn Sports-based Scholarships in International schools

GIIS communications team
Jun 21, 2021

If your child is an athlete in an international school, you would be a proud parent. The traits of competitive spirit, team play, and an outlook towards fitness will shape an overall well-rounded personality for the child. But did you know of another interesting potential of your child’s leaning towards sports? His or her inclination for competitive sports can actually be a fertile ground for getting a scholarship for international students.

Yes, you heard that right!   

Many top international schools in Kuala Lumpur offer sports based scholarships. Many parents and coaches of sports teams in schools view this process as a stepping stone to getting admitted to a good college on the basis of sports-based scholarships.

As a parent you can talk with your child’s coach and determine the best approach to get into  schools and colleges that offer a scholarship for international students.

How to ensure that the child has maximum potential to land a sports-based scholarship?

Even though there is massive competition between different high school athletes, implementing these handy tips can help your kid move to the top of the list of desired candidates for a sports-based scholarship.

1. Start early to maximize your child’s likelihood to land a sports-based scholarship for international students

When your kid excels at a particular sport, as a parent, you should be well-equipped during this phase. Let the coach start preparing them with immense focus on the sport they are interested in. As the maxim goes “the early bird gets the worm”, it is important to hone your sports skills at an earlier stage and be prepared to take part in relevant competitions. So, when high school begins, it is time to start working toward the student’s goal in order to not miss a  fantastic opportunity to attain a scholarship

Focusing on one sport the student wants to specialize in has many advantages. First, international schools are more interested in athletes who are committed to their goals in a particular sport. Second, they look for people who are determined and excel fully in their skills.

So, even having one sport in which your child excels as a sportsman/woman will help him/her have immense opportunities to get recognized by the school.

The other advantage is that they get an opportunity to be acknowledged by their seniors and recruiters, which helps them progress in their athletic careers. Spending time on one sport they specialize in will give them opportunities for tournaments on regional or national levels.

2. Get recognized by coaches

After practicing for a long time, what if your child is not the preferred candidate according to his coach? Being their best on the ground won't matter if their coaches don't recognize their sports exploits. Coaches seek traits that include courage, work ethic, and team spirit. Check with the coach if they can find ways to train the child on these traits. Doing so will aid in their chances of getting a scholarship for international students.

A coach can help the child to strive for communication and building good relationships on the field. Just keep in mind that the coach follows the basic rules of the college so that there is no impartiality.

3. Be vigilant to meet the criteria of sports-based scholarship for international students

There are many processes that an athlete has to go through for the eligibility of the scholarships they desire. Every college has its eligibility criteria for the recruitment of students. As a parent, you and the coach must help the athlete to be on top of these requirements.

Keeping some points in mind will help in avoiding the eligibility limitations.

● Don't miss out on the coach’s information and communications. There are times when the coach may inform about the key eligibility criteria before the college. Therefore, you must keep on checking the emails and messages sent by the coach so that you don't miss out on any updates.

● Complete all the necessary information the college asks to submit. For example, many colleges ask for personal information, GPA information, physical examination results, scouting material, and more. These could arrive in the form of links and documents that you must complete. Incomplete details or delayed submission of details will reduce the chances of eligibility.

● Make sure you have videos of the child’s training in the sport. Some colleges may ask for online video training as homework. Therefore, you must have such material available with you.

4. Encourage personal skill development and diversification

As time flies, people grow and learn new things. Most of the time, athletes feel a change in roles as they move from high school to the college arena. There can be times when their coach may give them a position which they are not comfortable performing. To avoid such situations, it is good that the child knows different skills.

For example in basketball, it may happen that children may have started out as a point guard. But by the time they reach college levels, they may like the position of the power forward. Now, the college coach may train them as a power forward. But this new role should not deter the student athlete.  

You can help them in several ways, such as:

● Motivate them to join reputed teams and clubs to expand their exposure to the game. By joining leagues and various clubs, they get more attention from the coaches. They may also get opportunities to play national-level games.

● Motivate them to learn from a dedicated coach who can help them individually.

● Train them after their session to help them individually. The coach gets time to try out different techniques and methods to improve their skills.

●  Motivate them to practice off-season.

5. Teach professionalism and team spirit

A strong mindset reflects the personality of a person. This is especially true for a budding athlete. Your child must have the determination and courage to do something to win the coveted sports-based scholarship from a top school in Kuala Lumpur. They must know how to converse professionally with the recruiters. 

Having a vision of winning brings confidence to their personality. Coaches like students who know how to control rough situations and communicate with other team members respectfully. You might have heard of the phrase, “action speaks louder than words”, and this phrase is applicable here too. Being kind to competitors and helping others will also enhance their personality.

6. Don't lose focus on academics

Lastly, one important consideration for the parent of a child aiming for a sports-based scholarship for international students. It is vital to remember that any reputed college will ask for a well-rounded set of accomplishments. So, in addition to sports, the child must also have good grades in academics.

Make sure that they don't miss out on that part of their goal. Try to balance their school life with their sports training. You can help them complete their homework and get extra notes or assignments, if needed.

Final words

If you raise a child who has a passion in a particular sport, then you definitely need to check out the possibility of obtaining a sports-based scholarship for students from top international schools in Kuala Lumpur. By following these steps, you will increase your chances of getting the desired scholarship you want for the child.

GIIS communications team

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