Top Reasons for Choosing an IGCSE School for Your Child

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Oct 8, 2020
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Opting for the right board of education for children has become one of the most important tasks for a parent. Everyone wants to give what is only best for their child. Making the right decision is extremely crucial as it is no brainer that education and the board plays a very important role in the long run. 

One of the most sought after curriculum is IGCSE- International General Certificate of Secondary Education.

Offered by the University of Cambridge, it has become very popular for students aspiring for an international level of education. It is flexible, challenging, and inspiring. Worldwide, it is delivered in various schools in over 140 countries and is recognized by colleges and universities everywhere, more so in the UK and other Commonwealth countries. 


IGCSE approach towards education is holistic which teaches students not only academic excellence but also, creative thinking, problem-solving ability, teamwork, investigative skills, analytical thinking and makes them all-rounders. It focuses on the foundation of core subjects and builds upon cross-curricular perspectives that engage students in a wide variety of subjects. The students are given the flexibility to choose subjects according to their liking and preferences. 

Some subjects offered by IGCSE are

● GROUP 1- Languages (First language, second language, foreign language, etc)

● GROUP 2- Humanities and Social Science (Geography, history, etc)

● GROUP 3- Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

● GROUP 4- Mathematics

● GROUP 5- Creative, technical, and vocal (business studies, music, etc)

Class Structure

● Cambridge Primary for the ages of 5-11 years

● Cambridge Secondary 1 for the ages 11-14 years

● Cambridge Secondary 2 for ages 14-16 years

● Cambridge Advanced for the ages 16-19 years


Alongside studies, the board also gives a strong focus on extracurricular activities and development. As there is no hard and fast stream selection that a student has to make. IGCSE is a global community. The teachers and students are a part of a global network that shares resources and information with one another.  Each extracurricular and co-curricular activity is designed to help students learn about their strengths and areas of improvement early on. Thus learning and development in students become a very easy and seamless process. 

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Global Perspective

The curriculum is apt for global audiences and is culturally sensitive. It helps increase the global perspectives and understanding of students and reduces cultural divides and helps in inculcating the feeling of oneness.  The curriculum is designed to take into account social, emotional, physical, and intellectual aspects of the students. These account for a very important aspect because to make a student ready for the world, the education that they get has to be all-inclusive. For an overall development, all these factors play a very important role. 


Teachers without a doubt play a very important role in a student’s life.  Cambridge IGCSE enforces the concept based on its application. It encourages students to apply their knowledge in new and known situations. This helps the students to understand and learn the subject and its content much better. Teachers undergo rigorous training to ensure the essence of the curriculum is not lost to students. They encourage students to apply their knowledge in the real world, experience problems and face them head-on.

Future Opportunities

Studying the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum helps the students to get better career opportunities in the future. It helps them in developing skills which leads them to live a very successful life. The emphasis is given on application-based learning and the questions asked in the examination assess the knowledge of the student rather than their ability to memorize topics. The students are encouraged to learn and analyze at the same time. 

Education is very important and it is even more essential to choose the right curriculum to make sure the students get what is exactly needed in this ever-growing and fast-paced 21st century. IGCSE is, without a doubt, one of the best curricula one can follow if they aspire to study abroad for higher education. It provides a balanced development to the students. It is equipped with all the necessary skills required for anyone to excel in their lives. It proves to have high academic standards through high quality education which induces overall development in the student. They are taught in such a manner that they become ready for the future and are nourished to take on the challenges ahead.

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