Top ten great features of Kuala Lumpur International Schools

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Jul 24, 2021
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If you are new to Kuala Lumpur city, then you will be pleasantly surprised at the warmth and friendliness the people here extend to one another. It’s a great city to live in and has a good amount of expat population from around the world.


What do Kuala Lumpur International Schools offer its high school students?


Excellent Academic Framework

An excellent advantage point in an International school is that the academic curriculum is designed to suit the needs of students who come from different countries and this naturally paves way to better standards of learning and teaching. There are world class curriculums like the International Baccalaureate (IB), CBSE and Cambridge's IGCSE and this enables an environment that is both challenging and engaging.

Children who have studied such curricula often grow up to be innovators, problem solvers and global leaders. And they have an extra edge over other contenders for top universities and jobs around the world


A collaborative learning environment

International schools often have the latest methods of teaching imbibed into their curricula. Innovation is at the heart of these schools and this is a great advantage to students who get an opportunity to dabble with the latest technologies and gadgets inside a classroom.

Another important feature is that teachers often have interactive classes where both the students and the teachers take active parts while learning new concepts and methods. There is a collaborative effort inside the classroom and this leads to an engaging and healthy atmosphere.


Top tier Facilities 

This aspect is very important and quite frankly has more weightage than any other feature when you are considering an International school in Kuala Lumpur. The first question that pops up in a parent’s mind is if the school has a large impressive campus and if there are dedicated spaces for sports and other extracurricular activities.

Most often, Kuala Lumpur International schools have top notch facilities and state of the art campuses that are safe and secure. Latest technological tools are used to keep the campus and its inhabitants safe from outside hindrance and danger.


Cultural Diversity

International high schools provide education to many students who are of different nationalities and this makes for a fusion of different cultures and ethnicities under one roof. A global platform like this enables diversity among children and their mind-sets. This is an opportunity to absorb the many intricacies and characteristic traits of each other and learn to be more acceptable of one another.

Exposure to such a varied cultural platform gives them the much needed attributes like communication and interpersonal skills.


University Placements

This can be a great guidance for high school students when they are looking at higher education prospects in top universities abroad. Kuala Lumpur  International schools often hold career fairs and placement drives that enable the students and their parents to liaise with top universities like Boston University, UCLA, University of Cambridge, Berkeley, Oxford University etc…

This paves way for a clearer future plan and also saves the time in research while looking for good universities. And the schools act as guides during the transition from high school to college and guide students during the application and admission process.


Parent Engagement

In most Kuala Lumpur International schools, the involvement of parents in a child’s education is always encouraged. This transparency allows parents to be aware of what is going on in their child’s classroom. Teachers, students and parents have a healthy relationship where collaborative efforts are enhanced and this makes for a platform where there is mutual respect and consideration for each other.

Parent-teacher meetings, one on one meetings, weekly class updates and orientation sessions make possible an open communication platform.

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Awareness of self and the community

Most leaders of the world understand the importance of community approach when problem-solving and critical thinking. In order to be aware of one’s self and community, Kuala Lumpur International schools often expose children to environmental issues and shortcomings of the society by arranging initiatives and drives.

Value added programs

Kuala Lumpur International schools offer value added programs to help children hone skills that they have an inclination to, like STEM, where children learn key concepts that revolve around real life concepts. There are also other tools and online learning apps like Hey Math! which give an in-depth understanding of Math skills and concepts. There are other innovative concepts like Robotics, STITCH and Coding to compete with the technological advancements of the current society.

World Class Faculty

This is a good point to ponder over, as teachers are the guiding lights for students and teachers should understand the vision of the school and act upon it to help students become better individuals. High school faculty in Kuala Lumpur International Schools are highly experienced and qualified and they have the right temperament to handle children of different cultures.

Holistic environment

This, by far, is the most weighted aspect of a world school. And to the advantage of students, a good school designs its curriculum to include all aspects of education, be it academics, sports, art, music or any other extra-curricular activity. Education means a holistic development of a child where both mind and body are involved.

These are a few key features to consider, apart from many others which you will understand once your child gets to attend Kuala Lumpur International School.

And it is also important to understand that not all International schools have an exorbitant fee structure. Some high schools have an affordable fee structure and still are successful in imbibing the same kind of education to its students.

GIIS communications team

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