Tops Reasons for Sending Your Child to Nursery

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Oct 26, 2020
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In many parts of the world, preschool and nursery school is not mandatory for children. As such, expatriate families can struggle with the decision of whether to send their child to these preparatory programs or not. However, there are big benefits to preschool and nursery school programs that really shouldn’t be overlooked - and they go beyond giving children a safe, comfortable place to go during the day while parents work or attend school themselves. 

Here, we’ll examine some advantages of play school and the most important reasons you should consider a nursery school. Take a decision as soon as your children are ready to spend time without Mum and Dad. Let us see how it stands to make a positive and lasting impact on their continuing education and development for years to come!

1. Preparing Your Child for Elementary School

Perhaps the most important benefit of sending your child to a preschool in Malaysia is getting them ready for a lifetime of learning. Studies have shown that children who attend preschool programs are much better prepared for primary school and often do better both academically and socially than their peers who did not attend these programs.

2. Introducing Structure to Your Child’s Day

An international school program will introduce the school day structure into their daily routine. Children - especially young children - thrive on routine. Giving them somewhere to go and something to do on a regular basis benefits them developmentally, as well as train them in good sleeping and waking habits. It can also help them understand when mealtimes are, how to function on a daytime schedule if they have been a spotty sleeper during early childhood.

3. Encouraging Socialization

Interacting with other children and authority figures is important for your child’s development. Preschool provides the perfect opportunity for them to do this. Your child will learn valuable social skills and exercise them in a safe environment - perfect for developing them further. 

4. Fostering Independence

Children need guidance, but they also need opportunities to exercise independence. From using the bathroom and taking care of their own hygiene needs to participating in classroom activities, there are plenty of chances to stretch the muscles of independence for your child and their peers. This will help your child better engage in society and increase their ability to think for themselves when the need arises later in life. 

5. Developing Language Skills

Your child develops their ability to communicate by interacting directly with those around them. Regardless of what language they will ultimately speak - or if they will use several - it is imperative to have an environment in place that is geared toward language education as early in their development as possible. This will help them learn how language works and how to use it effectively. Their language skills are also likely to develop if you encourage them to speak, express, and communicate their thoughts and opinions.

6. Refining Motor Skills

Motor skills begin to develop in the home environment during early childhood. Sending your child to a preschool in Malaysia can help them further develop them. From holding pencils and crayons to playing with small, handheld toys and more, motor skill development is a key benefit of preschool environments. 

7. Improving Math Skills

Math skills are crucial in today’s education. STEM instruction is growing in both popularity and importance in institutions around the world, so focusing on the introduction of early math skills during preschool only makes sense. At GIIS Kuala Lumpur, children can learn counting, number literacy, and early math skills such as basic addition and subtraction. 

8. Increasing Literacy Rates

Reading is perhaps the most fundamental skill taught to children during their formal education. Most children learn to read between the ages of four and six, making the early years of their education a crucial time for this instruction. Children who attend preschool with a focus on reading, often start reading earlier and are more fluent readers with better overall comprehension than those who do not attend these programs. 

9. Cognitive Improvement

Cognitive development is an important part of your child’s early years. Sending them to preschool gives them the opportunity to improve their cognition and their overall thinking skills. This will pay dividends later as they continue to develop on these early foundations. 

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10. Allowing Children the Opportunity to Make Choices

Making good decisions is a lifelong journey that starts in early childhood. Preschool environments are structured, especially those that use a traditional approach. However, these environments still allow for decision-making that will help your child learn the basics of making good choices and understanding the impact of their actions on themselves and those around them. 

11. Making Friends

Children need friends to excel and have fun. A preschool provides the right opportunity for children to interact with others of their age, individually and with supervision of experienced teachers to handle ool, but why not give them the opportunity to practice making friends and meeting their peers by allowing them to attend preschool? The nursery school environment gives many young children their first exposure to children their own age outside of their family, and offers them the opportunity to practice making friends in a safe, controlled environment. It’s a great foundation for ongoing social and emotional development. 

12. Creating a Sense of Community

Speaking of making friends, your child will begin building their first feelings of community in nursery school. Being with children their own age will allow your child the chance to experience community bonds. Following the guidance and instruction of an older teacher or caregiver will also forge trust in those around them. This will serve as the basis for their understanding of society in years to come, as well as their place in it. 

13. Enhanced Emotional Development

Young children are emotional beings. They experience much stronger emotional impulses and often act more impulsively than older children or adults would. Experienced teachers know how to handle a child’s emotional impulses and turn them into positive experiences. Your child can take those emotions and use them to learn about themselves, others, and the world. This will help your child understand how to express themselves without harming themselves or those around them. 

14. Stoking Your Child’s Curiosity and Thirst for Learning

Children naturally love to learn and are curious creatures. A preschool gives them ample opportunity for both learning and exercising that curiosity. It will result in big benefits for their overall educational experience. After all, children who are able to learn in a hands-on environment - such as the one provided at GIIS Kuala Lumpur - will be much more likely to actively seek out knowledge and pursue learning on their own. That’s exactly what you want for your child if your ultimate goal is making education easier and lifelong learning more fun.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons many parents choose a nursery school program for their child is because their schedule demands it. Parents may have a job, other familial obligations, or schooling of their own to attend to during the day, and it is important to know that their child is safe. It makes it better when the child is well-cared for, and receiving instruction that will ultimately benefit their learning and development. As a leading preschool in Malaysia GIIS Kuala Lumpur provides holistic preschool education that lays the foundation for lifelong learning in children.

GIIS communications team

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