Virtual International School is the Future of Education

GIIS communications team
Jun 21, 2021
Virtual School

2020, 1 year ago, was when the World Health Organization declared the spread of COVID-19 worldwide. Schools at every level switched to virtual learning and digital assessment techniques into the curriculum; adopting an entirely new way of teaching and learning. 

A year later, the scenario is still the same and has raised a big question;

Will COVID-19 change the education system forever?

The concept of traditional education has changed, where being physically present in a classroom is not needed. Children can have access to quality education from anywhere with smart devices, laptops and good internet connections.

It will continue to play a vital role in the education system even when the school starts; there are many reasons which are as follows:-


Online education provides the flexibility to the teacher and the student to set their own learning pace.

Easy access from anywhere

Online education helps students to learn and helps teachers to teach from anywhere in the world. This means there is no need for travelling and no wasting time in commuting.

Digital content

Students have access to digital content like apps, videos, photos, ebooks and online forums to improve their lessons and easy learning on the go.


Online education is more affordable compared to traditional classes.

High Retention

Students learn 5 times more than they do in traditional courses; their retention rates are higher due to the full control over their own learning and access to digital content.

However, there are some cons too...

Hi-tech Infrastructure

It requires scaling up of infrastructure and good internet connectivity to get access to online classes. In case there is a glitch, you might miss the session, however some schools send the recordings of these sessions, which can be a saviour at such times.

Increase Screen time 

Children are always on the phone playing video games, watching videos and now they have to attend classes (4-5 hours daily) which drastically increase screen time; which affects their eyes at an early age. 

No brainstorming session

Children in traditional school used to get enough time to brainstorm and think logically. This is not the case online; children often  find answers through the internet quickly without understanding the logic behind the solution, which affects their cognitive skills.

GIIS - Virtual School

GIIS was the first school that quickly transitioned to Virtual School during the pandemic in order to minimise the loss of study time. In just 3 days, GIIS was able to offer a Virtual Classroom facility to over 15,000 students across the campuses worldwide. Management and faculty worked diligently to provide an improved quality of education through the virtual classroom.

GIIS has always been incorporating leading-edge educational technology for the benefit of its students. In Kuala Lumpur, GIIS was the first International School in Malaysia to start to offer virtual classrooms where students logged in to the MyGIIS portal (EduERP system developed by GIIS R&D) through a link and attended their regular subject wise classes online and carried extra curricular activities. The virtual classrooms were made easy to operate by students of age groups from 5 years to 18 years.

Preparing for future

GIIS is ready for the future, there will be no break in curriculum or teaching. Whether it is classroom learning or virtual school learning, delivering quality teaching has remained a top commitment in GIIS. 

GIIS Teachers - Even in online sessions; curate content that can teach their students to think out-of-the-box, brainstorm and find ways to strengthen children's cognitive, interpersonal, creative development.


Benefits of International School Kuala Lumpur

● Individual attention

Extracurricular activities

● Multilingual

● STEM Education

● Global Perspective

● International Curriculum

● Personality Development

● Higher Studies

● Career Opportunities


This global crisis has taught us many things, one of them is how to be adaptable and resilient. During the pandemic, the role of teachers has significantly changed. The teachers have changed their teaching methods in order to keep students engaged. However, the use of technology is not new in education but the pandemic has made it more pervasive and acceptable. 

Most of the schools were unprepared for the sudden change where faculties had to undergo many training sessions and practices to evolve overnight. 

However, students and teachers are more comfortable with the use of technology. Online learning was the only medium to sustain the momentum during the lockdown.

The school will start in the future, things will get back to normal but there is no timeline by when, and until then Online learning and Virtual School will continue to play its pivotal role in the education system. And, considering these new changes, students might get the best of both worlds in the future.

Enrol your child to GIIS - The School of the Future

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● Timing:-8.00am to 4.00pm (Monday to Friday) 8.00am to 12.00pm (Saturday)

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GIIS communications team

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