What are the Advantages of Studying in an International School with the Cambridge Primary Program, Kuala Lumpur?

Melissa Maria
Oct 22, 2021

Choosing the right curriculum for your child can be quite daunting. Your child’s future depends on the academic journey that he/she will experience in school. Hence, it is very important to decide on a board which will align with your child’s dreams and goals.

Every parent wishes a smooth transition from school to university and ultimately a bright career for their children. The curriculum of a school lets you know what it wants for its students and how it wants to achieve it. It is a series of activities and learning outcomes outlining your children’s future. 

There are many aspects such as the school fees, subject combinations, etc, that need to be taken into consideration and analysed before making that decision. Nowadays, a lot of parents are starting to be aware of and prefer international curriculums.

Parents are increasingly opting for IB or the Cambridge primary program in Kuala Lumpur. But rarely these choices and decisions are backed by proper thought and research. It is necessary that the parents ask the right questions and know all the information about the schools offering international boards, the study material and the future career options before opting for it.

A child’s primary education is very crucial as it forms the foundation of his/her educational journey. The values that they learn in primary schools stay with them forever.

Primary schools give attention to the overall development of the child. It all starts with learning new skills, social skills and engaging with classmates. After the child gets comfortable, new things are taught.

The primary schools wholeheartedly contribute to the child's outer and inner development. They provide the best learning environment for your child. Apart from the child learning the basic mental and physical activities, primary schools focus on internal growth too and delve deep into the psyche of your child. This results in the child becoming a better human being. 

There are a lot of advantages to studying in an international school and opting for the Cambridge primary program in Kuala Lumpur.

Advantages of an International School

The Environment

One of the biggest strengths of studying in an international school is that teachers and students from all over the globe are there in pursuit of knowledge. There is diversity and the students learn how to perceive issues and things from multiple perspectives.

Interacting with different cultures and understanding their nuances is thrilling as well as eye-opening for children as they learn about the world beyond their own city. Additionally, there are children from various nations who bring in diversity through their cultures and mingle with the local students to share the same.

Because of this, students gain lifelong friendships with friends from other countries. Interestingly, even the festivals celebrated are from across the world and are not just limited to the native country’s national calendar. 

Children who study in international schools gain knowledge, insight and confidence to deal with all kinds of people. They come across many daily challenges such as language barriers, emotional barriers, etc. They learn to overcome these and get a sense of independence and confidence.

Knowingly or unknowingly, children learn a sense of responsibility and maturity. It helps them to step out of their comfort zones and challenge their own beliefs and capabilities. It also ensures a more positive outlook.

The campus of such schools is very impressive having a lot of facilities. The laboratories and classrooms have the latest technology to increase the learning and make it more wholesome. It helps the students to maximise their potential with utmost comfort and ease. The teachers aim to cultivate social, emotional, physical and intellectual development in their students.

Quality Education

International schools not only focus on equipping students with knowledge but also produce leaders of the future that will lead us to a better tomorrow. They provide a global exposure to students which enhances their skills.

The teachers make a conscious effort to focus more on critical thinking than on rote learning. The facilities, budget and passionate talented educators who are experts in their fields come together to produce exceptional education in international schools.

International schools put emphasis on creativity, communication skills, emotional management, critical thinking and more. Therefore, they seek to foster and showcase student’s artistic talents. 

Being at the frontline of education, international schools introduce different and innovative programs and curricula that push the boundaries of student’s capabilities. 

Starting from museums to field trips, summer camps to community service projects, the teachers know that the best way to learn isn’t necessarily in the classroom. That’s why they put significance on experiential learning which is learning through experience and reflection.

A variety of events and activities are provided in international schools enabling the students to get a more hands on experience and opportunity to apply their practical skills.

Higher Studies Abroad

Educating in an international school gives an extra edge to students who want to do their higher education from abroad. An international school opens different opportunities for its students in the worldwide forum. The studies have also shown that students from international schools face relatively less restrictions and limitations when they apply for universities abroad.

The qualifying grading system is accepted easily and even increases their chances for scholarships and applications. Graduating from an international school provides an advantage in the global labour market. This is especially true of the Cambridge Programme, highly regarded around the world as one of the best. 

The Cambridge curriculum is recognized by most foreign universities and interviewers view it very favourably. A diploma from an international school permits a graduate to stand out from others and testifies to a high level of competence and knowledge.

And during job interviews too, recruiters look for employees who have international exposure and who are multilingual and so, if a child is studying in an international school, he/she has already learnt an extra language and are free from any kind of a cultural shock. They are more prepared.

Reasons to Choose the Cambridge Program

● It has a broad curriculum that is modified across the world to suit regional requirements and learning environments. There are a wide range of subjects available for the students to choose from that suit their individual interests and learning inclinations.

● The wide array of subjects enables the students to work on many topics and understand their strengths which makes the choosing of higher education easier.

● The curriculum is very flexible which makes it easier for students to enjoy the subjects that they like.

● It offers both basic and extensive levels so that the students may obtain a more in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of subjects they are particularly interested in and devote less effort and time to the other subjects.

● The students are able to focus, to a large extent, on subjects they enjoy which results in good examination results and increased higher studies opportunities.

● The curriculum also gives significance to languages and cultural studies which helps to create more wholesome individuals.

● It focuses largely on analytical and problem-solving skills. The students’ ability to learn on their own is enhanced even outside the formal environment.


The Cambridge primary program in Kuala Lumpur provides many advantages to the students in terms of flexibility of study and an all-round development experience. Still, it is necessary to do your own research to find out your priorities and requirements and then make an informed choice.

After deciding on the curriculum, choose a proper school which syncs with your values and belief system. Deciding on an international school can be quite confusing but if you are clear on the curriculum and your needs, it becomes easy.

Melissa Maria

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