Why Should You Consider An International School In Malaysia?

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Jun 21, 2021
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Malaysia is a country filled with diverse cultures, delectable foods and an accomplished education system. Are you surprised to see education mentioned there? Don’t be, as Malaysia is recognized to have one of the topmost education systems globally.

Governed by The Ministry of Education (MOE) as well as the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia aims to provide its residents and expats with fine institutions catering  high-quality education, especially within its capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur has over 60 international schools, with many schools offering the English curriculum due to strong historical connections and links to the UK. Along with this, the schools in the capital offer IB, French, German, Australian, Islamic, American and Indian curriculums.

Not only the curriculums but the top-notch facilities and educators are what makes choosing a school in Malaysia easy for expats with families. But, if you’re still not convinced, let us take a look at what you should expect from an International School in Malaysia’s capital.

What to Expect from an International School in Kuala Lumpur?

With over 50,000  students enrolled in International Schools in Malaysia, it is safe to say that students not only receive an education but a completely different learning experience exploring diverse cultures, languages and interacting with people from all over the world. And once you’re a student in one of the International schools, you can expect top facilities within your school.


As we all know, Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Which means a range of people and cultures of all shapes and experiences. This diversity exposes students of an International school to various backgrounds, experiences and languages which help normalise unity and acceptance of people themselves rather than their religious/ cultural backgrounds.


At an International School, safety and care of their students is an utmost priority of the educators and faculty. With top-notch security systems and amenities such as an in-school clinic and qualified counsellors, your child will flourish comfortably under excellent care within these institutions.

Multicultural and Multifaceted Learning

As mentioned earlier, international schools in Malaysia have diverse cultures and students from different geographical locations, thus exposing them to a range of languages, religions and experiences. This creates a global environment for students and helps them to approach situations from experiences learnt from their peers.

Apart from these aspects, an international school in Malaysia caters for its students, a multifaceted learning curriculum. Wherein, students not only focus on their academics but also work towards refining their talents and skills. This ensures the holistic growth of all the students.

Affordable Fee Structure

In any International School of Kuala Lumpur, fees are structured to be affordable so that quality education is accessible to all those who can afford it. Included within that fee structure are various amenities and facilities like theatres, swimming pools, studios, etcetera, that your child can access within the school hours.

International Recognition

Curriculums in an International School in Kuala Lumpur are globally recognized which means that your child is getting a globally recognized education. Not only this, but after High School, students are placed in top universities like Cambridge, UCLA, etcetera.

Now that we’ve looked at what you should expect from an International School, Let us move forward to choosing the right one for you and your child’s educational needs.

How To Choose The Right International School In Kuala  Lumpur?

Choosing the right school for your child can become a strenuous task. Especially when you have many similar options  available within the city. But, worry not! This list will provide you with 4 different traits you should look for in an International School that will be the perfect match for your child’s academic needs.


As mentioned earlier, International Schools in Kuala Lumpur offer an array of curriculums for their students, like British, Indian, Australian, American, and so on… Each of these curriculums focus on different aspects of a child’s education. In fact, right from Pre School, students start learning more than one language, studies that include STEM (Science, Technology, English, Math) and activities that foster independence and refinement of their skills and talents.

A good curriculum aims to develop the students holistically and inculcate different values and morals that aid them to walk within a society as successful individuals.


Location matters when it comes to choosing the right school for your child’s education. You would want your child to be as close to home as possible and would not want to keep worrying about how they must be doing.

In terms of location, not only the distance but the institution’s facility also matters. A typical International school consists of a large open area holding various courts for sports, swimming pools, and other activities. Classrooms are equipped with the latest technology and there are free spaces for the students to move about comfortably. To add, International Schools are also equipped with laboratories, auditoriums, labs, theatres and studios for various extracurricular activities.


Every school has their own vision and principles that they inculcate within their curriculums. These principles aid your child to instil values and morals within themselves.

A good International school not only aims to excel in academics but also ensures that its students turn to be empathetic individuals who are ready to extend a helping hand at any given time regardless of others’ background, caste or creed.

Such values are taught through various activities and field trips including sapling plantation day, visitation to different NGOs, or just including programmes and activities affiliated with said NGOs within their curriculums.

Extra-Curricular Activities/Co-Curricular Activities

International Schools in Kuala Lumpur carry various Extra-Curricular activities that aid this holistic learning experience. They cater activities ranging from Art, Sports, Music and Theater. These activities not only sharpen your child’s natural talents but also teach them to develop new skills.

Along with that, International Schools also have various co-curricular activities that help them test their skills and abilities in competitions that promote a healthy competing environment or provide them a platform to discuss various topics in a range of clubs available to them 

University Placements

A typical International School offers its students who are about to graduate high school, opportunities for placements with top universities around the globe.

They not only help them with placements but also provide them with various in-school counselling sessions that help the students make an informed decision while choosing their major of study or career after high school. These counselling sessions are carried out by trained professionals who take into account the child’s progress reports containing all of their academic and non- academic strengths and weaknesses.

Final Thoughts

Education in Kuala Lumpur is only progressing as time goes on. And International Schools allow you and your child the ease of a high-quality education that rounds them as wholesome individuals.

Along with that, most schools offer great placement opportunities right after graduation. And due to the right steps within the Education Sector’s governing bodies, International Schools of Kuala Lumpur fees are recognizably lower than most counties.

Now that you have all the information needed as to why and how educating your child in an International School in Malaysia will benefit their present and future, what are you waiting for? Enrol your child today! And reap the incredible benefits your child deserves.

GIIS communications team

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