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Global Indian International School, a top-notch high school in Kuala Lumpur provides a holistic environment for students to enhance their intellectual and creative capabilities.

Curricula at GIIS for High School

Recognized as one of the well-known Kuala Lumpur high schools, our well-designed curricula fosters students in a challenging learning environment that promotes 21st century learning skills.

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CBSE is an excellent Higher Secondary School curriculum offered for 11 and 12th grade students structured to meet the modern age education system encouraging skill-based learning in a digital environment.

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High School in Malaysia

High school in Kuala Lumpur is the last stage of formal learning for students in the age group of 16 to 18 years. GIIS, the most popular high school of Kuala Lumpur offers the best Indian curriculum, CBSE, that prepares students for higher education. Our qualified teachers adept with modern teaching techniques guide students to balance academics and non-academics with the exemplary holistic pedagogy.


Among the best high school campuses, GIIS is a pioneer school with the Central Board of Secondary Education course options for 11 and 12th graders.

The CBSE curriculum is well-balanced with holistic teaching methodologies that help in the transformation of students to well-groomed citizens of the future. The top co-educational school recognizes the talent of each student and lays a powerful foundation to face challenges across all academic rigours. The excellent curriculum helps students discover and develop their potential and mould their emotional, physical and academic growth. The high-quality education system fosters values like kindness and brotherhood and promotes skill-based education.

High-standard education is provided to students throughout their schooling with world class infrastructure, and academic excellence is achieved through phenomenal teaching, study material and learning platforms.

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Exceptional CBSE Results

It’s our pleasure to announce our board results every year with the students emerging with flying colours. We are one among the best high schools of Kuala Lumpur delivering top achievements in 10th and 12th board examinations. 

With an average of more than 80% in the board exams and 100% results achieved, our students have exceptionally scored in the core subjects giving them entry into the top universities and colleges across the globe.

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Why Parents prefer GIIS High School

Holistic Educational Framework-9 GEMS

The  9 GEMS is an award-winning holistic pedagogy that provides the best opportunities for students to develop their skills and achieve all-round development. This teaching framework boosts the learning experiences of students and offers excellence in nine different areas of knowledge and skills like Academics, Sports, Innovation, Leadership, Arts, Entrepreneurship, Community Connect and Universal values. 

9 GEMS is a powerful framework where the syllabus is a combination of digital and futuristic platforms that helps in the outstanding growth of creativity, critical thinking capabilities and emotional health of the learners.

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Bridge Programme

We believe in accommodating the needs of expatriate students, which is why we keep the flexibility of getting admission in the secondary school throughout the year. For students, who join in the middle of an academic year, we ensure not just seamless experience but also seamless assimilation in the learning process. 

Through the Bridge Programme, we assist students to catch up with their peers in academic and other school activities. Our teachers make a consolidated effort to help new students gel into the new environment by providing academic support through project notes, extra effort through teaching, and offline support when required. This helps students to get comfortable in the new learning environment, catch up with the rest of the class and build a friendship bond with other classmates.

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Parent Testimonials

As a GIIS parent, I see my son has learned to be agile, adapt to a variety of situations with a high degree of enthusiasm. The teachers have played their role encouraging him to be more resilient and to be bolder in taking risks, and I think it will definitely help him greatly into university.
Mrs. Ganeshree Maheswaran
Parent of Shiventhra Dylan Sivalingam Yr 6 Cambridge
My son has become an individual who cares and shares for all and I would attribute this excellent character to the school and the caring teachers. A great thanks for you and to the school for this.
Rudra Prasadh Ganesh
Parent of Rudra Prasadh Ganesh

IBDP and CBSE Toppers

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Extra-curricular and Co-curricular Activities

Encouraging students to identify and mould their talent is what makes GIIS the best high school in Malaysia. Students are given exceptional opportunities with a wide range of ECA and CCA activities to spark up their passion and learn beyond academics. Compulsory participation in any of the activities and support by expert trainers boosts the physical and mental health of students and makes them stronger and confident.

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