An excellent kindergarten school offering award-winning curriculum combined with ultra-modern Montessori education methodologies for preschoolers.

A Futuristic Curriculum At The Best Kindergarten School in Kuala Lumpur

he well-designed Global Montessori Plus Programme alongside five powerful pillars builds the learning capabilities of kindergarteners Students in their foundational years are nurtured in a holistic learning environment combining the best of traditional Montessori teaching methodologies with modern learning requirements. GMP Curriculum has won several awards across the international forum making GIIS the best Montessori school.

Preschool year students at GIIS develop cognitive, expressive, motor skills, a sense of social responsibility, cultural awareness, and environmental consciousness through this curriculum. In their early childhood stage, students are also excellently prepared to face the futuristic digital world.

Nursery School in Malaysia - A Snapshot

Montessori education in Malaysia starts at the age of four and is a non obligatory education, children typically below 6 years start their preschool education in Government Preschools, Private Kindergärten and in International Kindergarten. Kindergarten is a flexible two years education programme. The best preschools in Malaysia are privately run by Private and international Schools like GIIS catering to students from all facets of the Malaysian community. For underprivileged students early Childhood care and education is taken care of by MOE (Ministry of Education, Malaysia) and Public agencies like the Tabika Perpaduan.

Age Criteria for Admission

Pre School admissions is open all year round at GIIS Kuala Lumpur from the age of 3.5 years for kindergarten. Students are nurtured in a positive environment and trained by proficient teachers with the immaculate GMP curriculum to broaden their learning potential and build excellent skills.

2 years 5 months as of 31st March
Junior KG/K1
3 years and above as of 31st March
Senior KG/K2
4 years and above as of 31st March
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What is the Plus?

GMP is one of the superior and acclaimed early childhood curricula. The exclusive ‘plus’ integrates the original theory with contemporary Maria Montessori methodologies paving the way for futuristic learning. The award-winning curriculum is well-balanced with innovative learning and teaching tools for the holistic growth of the students. This programme gives opportunities and sets the stage for students to become evergreen learners through their academic journey.

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Why Prefer GMP?

Global Montessori Plus is one of the leading Montessori curriculum that provides the fundamentals of formal learning along with new-age learning tools. The lessons and topics introduced in this programme outstandingly compliment the Montessori method providing holistic development of students.

Seamless Transition

Our students are exceptionally fostered and guided under the aegis of our expert faculty making us the pioneer international kindergarten in Malaysia. Teachers focus on making students comfortable with the concepts and language that will help them to build a love for continuous learning and develop their skills towards physical, academic, and emotional growth. This sets a powerful learning environment which helps in the seamless transition of our students to primary years.

Our Teachers

Our kindergarten facilitators display high professionalism with their teaching expertise. They are excellently trained in Montessori Education and well equipped with the latest technologies to provide high standards of learning experience to the students. Through workshops and well-structured courses, they keep themselves updated and constantly improvise based on the current developments.

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Our students at a young age are given a glimpse of 21st-century learning by combining industry leading teaching and learning approaches from across the globe into our framework. Through our 9 GEMS pedagogy students gain holistic growth in the nine areas of excellence like sports, academics, arts, skills, and values. This approach is deeply embedded in the curricula giving opportunities for students to chisel their personality, skills whilst preparing them for the future vocational and career progression.


Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA)

We are a top international Montessori school empowering our students with social skills, critical thinking, and teamwork capabilities. With a plethora of extraordinary ECAs, we encourage student participation to identify and boost their potential beyond academics.


Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

In their early childhood, we help students to identify their inherent talents and polish them. Our range of exceptional CCAs ignites the passion of the students and groom them to identify their interests. Mandatory participation in talent shows, competitions, performances, clubs, etc. develops the excellent personality and character traits of students to become confident future citizens.


Safety And Security

Students being at the helm of our priorities, we ensure that they along with the school faculty are given the best of safety and security measures. Our school premises are end-to-end secured with the best of latest technologies and traditional security measures like guards,digital ID cards, etc.

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Creating NextGen Leaders

Students in their early childhood have an excellent inborn quality for learning quickly and naturally. Leadership qualities are imbibed during their preschool nascent years at GIIS as they show curiosity, keenness, and enthusiasm that eventually builds their skills and capabilities to evolve as future leaders. With exclusive programmes like selling garden materials, sales of compost prepared in school during events, during class presentations and marketing of products as a team develops their entrepreneurial skills.

Going Green

As a top-notch Preschool in Malaysia, our goal is to give the best experience for students to achieve academic excellence and develop strong values like love, kindness, gratitude, and caring for nature and the environment. Our well-designed curriculum incorporates go green initiatives that foster the significance of recycling, upcycling, and how to reduce the amount of waste by efficiently utilizing them. We encourage our students’ active participation with activities like planting trees, sowing seeds, and producing the best out of waste in classrooms. We believe that for our students to be the well-rounded citizens of tomorrow they need to possess the awareness and the grit to tackle environmental issues constructively.

Community Partnerships

Global Indian international pre school in Kuala Lumpur is well known for cultivating community interactions, moral and social responsibilities in students. A powerful platform is provided for students wherein exclusive fundraising and book collection drives, environmental initiatives are created to promote the importance of contributing to society.

Subjects Offered at Nursery Preschool Malaysia

The subjects we offer to our preschool students pave the way for academic success and enhance their skills and knowledge. We facilitate the best learning approach using the latest tools and technologies that create an interesting and encouraging environment for the student.

EVA (Environmental Awareness)
Dance and Music
Free play and structured play


Parent Testimonials

As a GIIS parent, I see my son has learned to be agile, adapt to a variety of situations with a high degree of enthusiasm. The teachers have played their role encouraging him to be more resilient and to be bolder in taking risks, and I think it will definitely help him greatly into university.
Mrs. Ganeshree Maheswaran
Parent of Shiventhra Dylan Sivalingam Yr 6 Cambridge
My son has become an individual who cares and shares for all and I would attribute this excellent character to the school and the caring teachers. A great thanks for you and to the school for this.
Rudra Prasadh Ganesh
Parent of Rudra Prasadh Ganesh

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