At GIIS, we understand the needs of expatriate parents. That is why we offer flexibility of admission subject to availability of seats.

Admissions are open for new students all year long for academic sessions starting in April each year.  The registration process opens from August the previous year, while the application reviewing process by our Admissions Team commences in January each year.

Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

Activities outside the curricula which helps in the physical and emotional development of students


We at Malaysia Campus believe in working with students to create future global citizens who are not only well educated, but also well-rounded.

To help reach that goal, we divide all of our campuses into four houses. Students are placed into a house, and inter- and intra-school competitions allow them to compete against other houses in academics, performing arts, fine arts, literature, and sports. These school and house activities help students showcase their learning while also developing a sense of teamwork and pride in individual accomplishments.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are those activities, often sports-based, that take place outside of the GIIS classroom, helping students develop their personalities and physical aptitude, which is a crucial part of our Nine Gems programme. Students who show particular talent in these extracurricular activities may participate in the Gold Squad Programme, which provides additional, intensive training under skilled coaches.






Activities Inspiring Innovation

GIIS believes that our students are the innovators of tomorrow, and we strive to provide school activities that encourage our students and educators alike to practice innovation today. We define innovation as "the act of starting something for the first time in our existing context of work that would add value to our processes."

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities take what students are learning in the classroom and builds upon that through talent shows, performances, competitions, clubs and additional classroom work. Examples of our co-curricular activities include:

Hobby Clubs - Science, IT, Math etc.

Language learning (Hindi, Mandarin)

Visual Arts

Musical Instruments - Guitar, drums, keyboard

Modern dance

Vocal Music

These clubs and activities encourage our students to delve deeper into activities and subject areas that they are passionate about. Across all the innovation, extra-curricular, or co-curricular activities, our primary goal is to incite passion and provide a fun way for students to discover and embrace the spirit of relentless learning, inside as well as outside the classroom, so they can identify with different interests, passions and personalities.

To learn more about the way our school activities help mould students into future leaders and innovators, schedule a tour of your chosen campus today!

School Events

Plenty of special events are observed and celebrated in our school, which is an exercise in bonding and showcasing talent and excellence.

Our 9GEMS(TM) holistic learning framework also emphasises the need to organise age-appropriate events to allow students to explore inherent talents from sports excellence, to performing arts, to entrepreneurship and community service.

Calendar Activities

Events like Annual Day and Sports Day are held each year as showcase events for students to show their talent in sports related and co-curricular related activities.

Students from all four Houses participate in these activities, and go on to compete against each other for the highest award; which in turn builds their character, their sense of camaraderie and gives them a hunger to win for collective pride.

Special Days

Special days are held in our pre-primary classes which aim to strengthen bonds between students and their extended families.

Parents often participate in classroom activities like story-telling sessions, class projects, drama lessons etc., while grandparents are also made part of the narrative through sessions like Grandparents' Day.  Apart from this, our school uses parents' expertise in different sectors to spread awareness among students through talks and experience-sharing sessions.

In addition, parents also participate or volunteer their time to help the school through logistical support like technical setup for sound and lights, or as helping hands during school trips.

Hobby Clubs - Science, IT, Math etc.


Language learning (Hindi, Mandarin)


Musical Instruments - Guitar, drums, keyboard