9 GEMS(TM) Holistic Framework

At GIIS, we follow a 9 GEMS Holistic Education Framework - it is an innovative, balanced, adaptive, and age-appropriate award-winning framework for all-round student development which aims to transform them into well-evolved personalities.

At GIIS, we follow a 9 GEMS Holistic Education Framework - it is an innovative, balanced, adaptive, and age-appropriate award-winning framework for all-round student development which aims to transform them into well-evolved personalities.

Why 9Gems

What makes 9GEMS truly innovative is its balanced, age-appropriate and adaptive approach to student development which makes them well-evolved personalities by giving them the holistic education they deserve.

We emphasise on academic excellence, but also focus on other aspects of student life and overall growth including sports excellence, skills development, leadership skills, artistic skills and universal values. These competencies help in vocational and career progression during school years.

As students progress, they continually discover themselves and expand their learning horizons.

Introducing the Nine Gems

Gem 1

Academic Excellence

We ensure excellence in academics by emphasising on imparting a holistic education framework curriculum which integrates best practises in education with unique teaching methodology through latest available tools. We use collaborative, projects-based learning which allows students to learn by reading, experience and discussions. The outcome is an optimised academic excellence for every student, and becoming a lifelong learner.

Gem 2

Sports Excellence

We believe in giving students great opportunities and sports facilities in indoor and outdoor sports, to bring out the sportsman in them. School sports are foundational activities for students, which can help build physical strength, mental toughness, character and collaborative nature in students. We enhance all this with data analytics which gives students an edge to excel in a sport of their choice.

Gem 3

Visual and Performing Arts

Through a variety of art facilities, visual arts promotion, and training studios, we give our students a platform to explore their creative side. Students have talents and interests which need an outlet. Which is why we have developed a skills-based education programme with a holistic education framework where they get the apparatus and the guidance to enhance and polish their inherent talents or pick up a new skill. These basic foundational courses give students the necessary knowledge to develop a portfolio for their further education

Gem 5

Innovation and Creativity

We believe that innovative thinking and creative outputs have no age limit, which is why we encourage these skills in our students using our creativity class program. This gem is structured to nurture creativity and innovation in students by mapping their interest areas, identifying their competencies and facilitating their growth. It encourages students to explore and embrace creative, multi-faceted strategies when problem solving.

Gem 6

Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Our leadership program for students  and events revolve around concepts of entrepreneurship and leadership among school children to help develop their skills. We invite experts, hold entrepreneurship classes, and conduct bootcamps to give exposure in these concepts to our students. Interactive conversations and participation in these activities help students grow in confidence and speak passionately and authoritatively on subjects of their interest.

Gem 7

Universal Values and Ethics

Our emphasis is not just academic excellence, but we also nurture our students emotionally and spiritually through active promotion of universal activities and student values. We are guided by the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi in this endeavour. Through specific elements like peace included in our curriculum and encouraging activities like yoga, we teach students to imbibe good values to build character and treat everyone with respect.

Gem 8

Community and Care

Through a comprehensive programme, we give our students a chance to be out and about in the community and have social interactions which will help them bond with society at large. Charity drives, community event participation, green initiatives and conservation of resources are some of the methods we encourage among students to develop their emotional and spiritual well-being and student care.

Gem 9

Skill Development

Our Smart campuses around the world focus on giving students platforms for skill development which form an additional layer of expertise for their educational portfolio. Through various skill development classes, studios and programmes we ensure students learn real world skills, and through training and experience we ensure they develop soft skills to sharpen their personality. Taken together, we have students who are proficient in both.