Facilities  at GIIS Kuala Lumpur

The school provides students with facilities aimed at improving their mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Through properly equipped labs, play and recreation areas, we ensure students have good resources at their perusal to help them in their cognitive and non-cognitive development.

School Premises

At our school premises, we have a wide spectrum of spaces that ensures quality campus life for students in a multicultural, diverse environment. Some of our student facilities include:

Montessori Laboratory
Kindergarten Play Area
Music Room
IT Lab
Maths Lab
Audio-Visual Room
We take a very professional approach to resolving issues affecting the world, which is why many of our student facilities are specifically targeted at reducing the carbon footprint of our school.

Natural Sunlight

We know the health benefits of exposing our students to the natural rays of the sun, which is why the architectural structure of our campus is such that it is flooded with natural sunlight throughout the day.  LED lights, a resource efficient option, are used only when this natural light dims or is short in supply.

Indoor Environment Quality 

The environment within the premises of GIIS, Kuala Lumpur is also an important factor in the healthy development of students. Our building is designed to ensure high indoor air quality, the correct temperature, adequate lighting and proper ventilation. We have carefully selected building materials in order to complement each of these requirements for the highest benefit to our students.

Physical Health

We have taken special care to promote physical activity among students while they are on the campus, which can boost their health and give them a quality student life. Walkable environments within and outside the campus connect students to green spaces and therapeutic landscapes which encourage physical activity and potentially reduces absenteeism due to ill health.