Best Montessori Nursery School in Kuala Lumpur

We offer Global Montessori Plus, an award-winning programme,  where a strong foundation is laid for pre-schoolers to prepare them for their higher years of their education. 

The GMP curriculum is based on the world-renowned Maria Montessori approach to learning, which helps develop multiple intelligences in students through play-based learning. Futuristic learning methodology is used in international schools like GIIS. which provides fantastic facilities, independent environment and interactive methodology to make learning fun.

Age Criteria

GIIS is the best preschool in Kuala Lumpur to cater to Nursery and Kindergarten levels. Children in the age group of above two and half years can apply for this immaculate Montessori Plus programme which has the best facilities and teaching staff trained to bring the best in education to the young students.

2 years 5 months as of 31st March
KG 1
3 years and above as of 31st March
KG 2
4 years and above as of 31st March
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The 5 Pillars of GMP

The GMP curriculum is a thoughtful and purposeful approach to education, developing the core values in young students as part of the GIIS holistic pedagogy. Through five fundamental pillars to help student development which includes play, care, multifaceted and futuristic learning which accelerates the child’s learning through excellence. 


‘Excelerate’ Program

This programme helps students accelerate their excellence journey in education, which is why it's called ‘Excelerate’. Students are not just taught the basics of literacy like reading, writing, speaking, and numeracy, they also get a chance at hands-on practical learning through age-appropriate platforms. It is a good foundation by a global Montessori school in Malaysia for students who will soon start primary school. 


Multi-faceted Learning

This approach promotes multiple intelligences through thematic learning. Students’ interests are cultivated through various themes applied to various subjects and aspects of the curriculum - like leadership, public speaking etc. Through activities like field trips, special events and experimentation, each student gets individual nurturing to develop their personalities, their physical skills and their cognitive skills. 

Being an acclaimed preschool in Kuala Lumpur, GIIS has the experienced staff and high standards of infrastructure to impart exceptional learning on students so that they develop distinct personalities and self-learning habits.


iPlay Programme

Play is integral part of the outstanding physical and emotional growth of children. With our exemplary Global Montessori Plus curriculum, students are fostered in a perfect environment where choices of whom to play with, how to play, and what to play are offered under the guidance of expert teachers. GIIS being an reputed international preschool in Kuala Lumpur nurtures a sense of independence, teamwork, and management with its well-structured programmes.


iCare Programme

The phenomenal GMP programme inculcates care towards community and nature at the nascent stages of child growth. Through the excellent choices of activities like gardening, charity drives, social activities our Montessori school children learn the significance of universal values and ethics. With this type of high-quality education, children build their character traits and personality.


Future Ready Programme

The prestigious GMP curriculum equips the students with 21st-century learning. Children are given hands-on training to gain prowess in learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) through various experiments and activities. Students are provided with immense opportunities where they need to work in collaboration with other students as a team, that effectively grow their critical thinking, creativity, decision-making capabilities. 

Why Choose GMP?

GMP is an exemplary award-winning program offered by one of the best Montessori schools in Kuala Lumpur that nurtures students to have basic foundation in education

"The Plus Program"?

The outstanding curriculum is a customization of the world-renowned Maria Montessori education plus a blend of contemporary and modern teaching methodologies. At GIIS we aim at high standards of the education system that is infused with the latest technologies to give an edge to the modern age of learning. 

The programme takes the best practises of renowned methodologies in preschool education to encourage independence, passion, and a joy for learning among students. It’s well-organized programmes infused with 5 strong pillars enhances the learning, mental and physical growth of young learners, as well as teaches them empathy. 

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Our Teachers

Our well-trained expert teachers handle students with care and integrity. GIIS organizes regular training programs for their teachers, in order to upgrade them with modern and new-age teaching techniques so that they deliver the best in class teaching experience to their students. They give personal attention to each student and provide an exceptional environment that drives the curiosity and interest of students in learning. 

9 Gems

9GEMS is one of the best and exclusive framework offered by GIIS that provides holistic development of students. It is a unique teaching methodology that is a combination of Eastern and Western education approaches wherein a student can achieve excellence in academics, develop their personalities, hone their skills, and build their character traits. This framework provides remarkable opportunities to students to work on their interpersonal skills alongside academic excellence.

Extra Curricular Activity

GIIS, one of the best Montessori schools in Singapore focuses on the all round development of the children. The school gives children exceptional opportunities to kindle their passion, be it in academics or sports. Children can opt from a wide spectrum of superlative extra curricular activities that are mandatory and benefits in the growth of their physical and mental health.

Co Curricular Activity

GIIS has gained the reputation of a well known global Montessori school in Singapore due to its superior quality education and extraordinary facilities. The supreme co curricular activities offered by the school enhances the social and relationship building skills of children. The well structured activities benefit children to showcase their talent and fuel their learning by stimulating their creative capabilities and improving social and organizational skills.

Seamless Transition to Primary School

GIIS is an excellent Montessori preschool in Malaysia where students are fostered with the best teaching and learning methods. The outstanding GMP programme provides a seamless transition to primary schooling. With a keen focus on academic excellence, students are provided with different ways to excel in exemplary reading, writing, learning, and numerical skills which helps them during the transition to the next level of education.

Why GIIS is the right choice

Safety & Security

Our student safety is outstanding to all the facilities we offer. GIIS offers extraordinary safety and security measures like advanced facial recognition, smart ID cards, 24/7 security, and security cameras to monitor students’ belongings and the visitors entering the premises.

Parent Engagement

At GIIS, parents are considered an integral part of our outstanding community. Regular communication takes place between teachers and parents in the form of PTA, parent portal MYGIIS, weekly class updates, orientation sessions, and parent forums in order to bring out the best out of our students.

Technology in GIIS

The entire GIIS campus across the globe is well-equipped with the latest technologies be it in learning, teaching, the safety of students, classrooms, etc. Students are trained exceptionally to use digital tools and become tech savvy.

Unable to physically visit the campus ?

Value Added Programme

Our expert educators regularly monitor the progress of students and take the best measures that can enhance students’ progress. Outstanding value added programs are initiated that can develop the critical thinking, creative capabilities, language and motor skills of the children.

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Subjects Offered

EVA (Environmental Awareness)
Dance and Music
Free play and structured play
Additional subject

What's it like to be part of GIIS family

Hisato Yuto
Father of Taiju Yuto

The schools emphasis on fair competition and recognising talent has instilled confidence in my son to excel.

Hisato Yuto
Father of Taiju Yuto

My son has become an individual who cares and shares for all and I would attribute this excellent character to the school and the caring teachers. A great thanks for you and to the school for this.

Rudra Prasadh Ganesh
Parent of Rudra Prasadh Ganesh
Mr Rajiv Singh Sawhney
Father of Sarah Sawhney

Methodologies like collaborative learning with peers from around the world will equip my daughter with the right knowledge and skills to excel in future.

As a GIIS parent, I see my son has learned to be agile, adapt to a variety of situations with a high degree of enthusiasm. The teachers have played their role encouraging him to be more resilient and to be bolder in taking risks, and I think it will definitely help him greatly into university.

Mrs. Ganeshree Maheswaran
Parent of Shiventhra Dylan Sivalingam Yr 6 Cambridge
Mr Rajiv Singh Sawhney
Father of Sarah Sawhney

Methodologies like collaborative learning with peers from around the world will equip my daughter with the right knowledge and skills to excel in future.

I really appreciate your way of handling students in virtual class.. Your effort made our child more sincere and taught how to be attentive in the virtual world. You have responded well even if I disturb you out of office hours, weekends etc.

Mr. Gopabandhu Patra
Father of Dhrubajyoti
Mr Rajiv Singh Sawhney
Father of Sarah Sawhney

Methodologies like collaborative learning with peers from around the world will equip my daughter with the right knowledge and skills to excel in future.

I know you are doing a lot of good stuff in keeping the online class momentum in this challenging time and would like to appreciate all the efforts.

Mr. Rajesh PN
Father of Govind Rajesh
Mr Rajiv Singh Sawhney
Father of Sarah Sawhney

Methodologies like collaborative learning with peers from around the world will equip my daughter with the right knowledge and skills to excel in future.

GIIS Malaysia has taught my daughter not only about academics but also so much about herself. The teachers celebrate her successes and steadfastly stand by her side with support when it is needed. It’s a wonderful environment to grow in.

Madam Perinbavathy Veerasingam
Mother of Steppehine

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