Value-Added Programmes

Adopting unique approaches to education is what we do best at GIIS. Rather than structuring the learning around a strict curriculum, our educators work on value-added programs for students and focus on trying to create learning experiences that prepare students to be happy, balanced, productive and innovative citizens of tomorrow.

Value-Added Programme in GIIS KL

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths

Every student gets STEM kits from school. The kit has 8 experiments that students need to use during the academic year. These 8 experiments are mapped to the concepts taught during the year. The STEM program equips students with understanding key concepts, through creating working models and to understand real life use of these concepts.

Learn STEM at GIIS Kuala Lumpur
Heymath - Online Tool in GIIS Kuala Lumpur


HeyMath is an online learning app for students to understand Mathematics and familiarise themselves with the joy of learning and hone their mathematical skills from an early age. The tool ensures that every student not just understands the topic but gets to practice it in-depth. The Math learning app helps students overcome their fear of Maths and focus on self-learning for diagnostic testing and identifying learning outcomes.

Detailed Assessment at GIIS Kuala Lumpur

Detailed Assessment

Students get to take these tests in school as a part of extra practice. These assessments for students help teachers understand every child’s strengths and weaknesses in that particular lesson or concept. Along with these Academic tools that are part of the school kit provided to the students in the beginning of the year, the Programme also offers additions like Robotics, STITCH, Coding and Innovation Boot Camps at a very nominal charge. These Value add-ons help students to be future ready and provide exposure in current and relevant areas.