Importance Of Digital Literacy For Students

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari VeeraRaghavan
Apr 6, 2022
Digital Literacy

With the rapid growth of globalization and technological advancement, we have entered an era where we are constantly pressured by the use of computers and gadgets. Digital literacy has become so important because all our routine work is highly dependent on technology.

However, there is no denying the fact that digitalization has brought about enormous advantages to every individual, and without it, the world would now be void.

It is important to understand the use and concepts of technology and we believe it should be introduced to the students right from a young age.

Educating the students of secondary school in Kuala Lumpur about digital literacy skills is mandatory. They need to comprehend the core understanding of technology and how to use it safely for best use.

Apparently, digital literacy is not about posting pictures on social media, it is about gaining knowledge about technology and how it can help them solve bigger purposes and build a strong career out of their lives.

Let us understand what is digital literacy and its importance.

What Is Digital Literacy?

Literacy means the ability to read and write. Hence, digital literacy means understanding technology and using it wisely. Because, in today’s world, only being literate is not enough.

If you want to reach heights and become successful, having complete knowledge of digital literacy is also important.

Digital literacy may include navigating a website, sending an email, social media marketing, researching, etc. One may also create a blog, code a website, and develop an app as part of digital literacy.

Other important topics that it covers are cyberbullying, digital footprints, internet safety, ethics of using online tools without plagiarism, etc.

What Are The Principles Of Digital Literacy?

Digital literacy includes five main principles- Comprehension, Communication, Interconnectivity, Storage and retrieval, and creation. Let’s dig in.

1. Comprehension

The first and foremost principle of digital literacy is to have a basic understanding of what is digital literacy and how to use it.

Focus on the key ideas, terms, and concepts which set the base for the rest of the knowledge. Know how to access the internet safely and put it to best use.

2. Communication

In the world of social media, digital communication plays a vital role. Know how you can communicate with anyone digitally over different platforms.

It is a perfect chance to enhance your digital literacy skills by building social connections and using internet-based messaging apps.

3. Interconnectivity

Know how different gadgets work together and how you can make the most of the interconnectivity.

With digital literacy, you can learn to connect different devices together, access stored data on different devices, transfer an important file or document from one device to another, etc.

4. Storage And Retrieval

With the huge amount of data being saved on your phones and laptops, understand how you can save all the data at a secure place and find it later with ease. Secure the data for personal use so that no one can use it without your permission.

5. Creation

With digital literacy, you can give wings to your creation as well. Try making a website or creating some digital content.

Anyone who has understood the above principles and gained enough understanding of digital education can bring their creation to reality.

What Is The Importance Of Digital Literacy For Students?

The students benefit the most from digital literacy. In a world where everything is so connected with the help of the internet, the students tend to learn faster from digital literacy than from traditional literacy.

With the schools assigning more and more assignments and projects to the kids these days, students can make the most of the opportunity.

With appropriate digital literacy, they can now look for any information online, use different search engines, send emails, look for websites, and take ideas to make a particular project or an assignment.

The students should be taught to leave great digital footprints behind and lead as an example for the other students to use the internet.

The teachers can talk about digital literacy methods in classrooms to enhance their importance of it. Talk about how things used to be in the past and how automated things are going to be in the future.

Tell them the future scope of technology and digitalization. Ask students about how they learn best with technology. Share their ideas with other students. And this will urge other students to adopt each other’s concepts and use digital devices and platforms.

It is also important to educate the kids about internet safety. The internet is the most useful yet the most dangerous thing to happen if not used wisely. Hence, tell students about the right way to navigate the internet and how to bring the best out of it.

Tell students about cyberbullying so that they are not victims of such incidents. You may also encourage the use of digital products and devices but under parental or expert guidance.

Schools these days have also made lessons digital for the students for easy access and repeated classes. Gone are the days when the students had to be all ears and take notes wisely because teachers would tell them only once.

With digital lessons, the students can attend the classes again and again and can access them wherever and whenever they want.

Our school, Global Indian International School, is one such school that highly prioritizes digital literacy for the students of all the classes. It is the best international school in Malaysia that fosters students’ correct usage of digital platforms and makes the best use of them.

Enroll your child in Global Indian International School now to promote the knowledge of digitalization and get them on the learning path from a very young age.

In today’s world, it is important to educate the kids about using the digital gadgets safely and GIIS is the best place where your child can learn so.


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