10 Quick Tips for Studying Effectively in School

GIIS communications team
Feb 17, 2022
Tips for studying effectively

Are you still expecting a miraculous result after reading the same textbook again and again? So, what’s new that you tried to study better or get better results this time?

Well, if you are still looking for thrilling study techniques that will help you learn more suitably, then this blog is for you.

As a student of the Key Stage 3 Curriculum, it is indispensable to build effective time management skills and unique study techniques that will help you preserve all the information that you have learned.

Apparently, the concept of cramming doesn’t work anymore. In this session, adopt these new strategies that will help you study effectively resulting in a great academic score.

Let’s warm up!

Before you put any of the techniques to use, here are a few warm-up tips that you must apply. Here are some routine practices that you are worth attempting.

Sound Sleep

It is essential for you to have sound sleep before you begin your day. Studies suggest that the students who score well in examinations have proper sleep that sets their pattern just right.

Switch the Environment

Studying in the same room each day decreases your learning ability. Hence, it is suggested that you switch your study environment at least once a week to enhance your recall performance.

The technique has a great impact on your memory and improves your concentration to a great extent.


There is no denying the fact that music has exceptional benefits when it comes to learning the chapters.

You may opt for some soft classical or instrumental music that sets a great background for effective learning.

Nutritional Diet

Diet is extremely important to promote any type of lifestyle change. Avoid caffeine and junk food that may give you a temporary boost.

It is advised to consume fruits and dry fruits that help you stay focussed and refresh your mind for great concentration.

Once you have set the stage right, it is time for you to apply the following quick tips for effective learning in school in Malaysia.

10 Smart Techniques for Effective Learning in School

1. Short Manageable Time Blocks

Gone are the days when parents and teachers used to advise you to study for long hours at a stretch. In fact, the method can cause encumbrance to a student’s mental ability to grasp information.

Instead, manage your time in short time blocks wherein you study for 20-30 minutes and then take a short break to resume again.

This will enhance your ability to retain the information with a higher percentage.

2. Consistent Study Agenda

Try scheduling specific time each week for designated subjects of chapters. This helps your brain prepare in a way that it is able to retain more information for longer durations.

Adopt a consistent study agenda for new learning material. For example, you may choose to learn the new study material at night before sleeping.

Our brain is designed in a way that it works during the night to strengthen and retain new information and memories.

3. Connect the Topics/Chapters

Develop a connection between all the chapters for easy learning.

Although the CBSE education pattern in schools in Malaysia are designed in a way that there is a link between each chapter for all the chapters.

This helps students understand the concepts and connect them with the last chapter they learned.

4. Flashcards for Effective Learning

It is time to put your creativity to use. Develop the habit of making notes in the form of flashcards that reflect the key points.

You may use bold or italic fonts in different colors. This will help your brain grasp the information faster and retain it effectively.

Rest assured of a great academic score this time!

5. Mind Mapping

Visual learning is considered to be the best form of learning. Mind mapping is one of the effective ways to learn any information faster.

The idea is to visually organize all the information in a diagram. You may begin with writing the name of the topic. Let’s say Photosynthesis.

Begin with writing the key points about the photosynthesis in bubbles around which is not only easy to learn but also easy to revise later.

You may use your own icons or pictures for more clear conceptual learning.

6. Use a Planner

Homework is equally important to learn anything just like you do in your regular classes. Use a planner to track your homework and other related tasks.

It will help you track the growth of your assignments and your study agenda with ease.

7. Teach Them as You Own It

Guess what is really the best way to keep your learnings the way it is? Begin teaching your fellow kids about the concepts that they find difficult to understand.

Explaining a concept to someone out loud will further enhance your understanding of any topic and you will find it easy to recall the information at any given point in time.

You may also try to explain the topics to the imaginary audience which will enhance your comprehension abilities.

8. Ditch Your Cell Phones

We are sure you must have heard this before. But the reality is ditching your cell phone while studying is the wisest decision you will ever make.

Steer clear from any social media platforms while studying. This will enhance your concentration manifolds.

9. Examples

Find examples for each topic you learn. Learning any concept with the help of examples is the best way to learn faster and better.

Create a mental image of something that corresponds with the current topic and you are more likely to retain it than any other way.

10. Evaluate Yourself

Reflect on the things you learned today. Ask yourself basic questions about the topic and evaluate yourself on the basis of the answers.

Tailor your strategies accordingly. You are your best judge. Know where you need to make the changes and how you can make the most of the opportunity.

If you are pursuing Key Stage 3 curriculum learning, then Global Indian International School is the best school in Malaysia that caters to your needs with instant options.

Enroll in GIIS now for effective learning techniques and a bright future leading to a successful career path.

GIIS communications team

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