Relocating To Kuala Lumpur: 5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Preschool

Ms. Radha Alagappan
Mar 23, 2022

Are you planning to relocate to Kuala Lumpur due to professional or personal reasons with your children, then you should read this article to consider a few things.

As a parent, you want the best things for your children such as good healthcare, the best international school in Malaysia, universities, transport, amazing entertainment and other outing places.

In every country you will find different communities, some communities have a majority.

So you do not want to feel alone or left out in other nations due to differences in communities.

You want welcoming communities that will support you and your children happily in settling down in their nation.

And Kuala Lumpur has it all.

Being one of the most child-friendly countries, Kuala Lumpur has everything you always wanted for your children, from exciting fun-filled activities, nature and wildlife experiences, museums and temples that will educate and broaden young minds.

There are a variety of preschools in Malaysia that will make them feel homely where they will easily settle down and become part of the local community.

It is always advisable to get detailed information before you move to any country with your kids.

Get information on healthcare, education, accommodation, cultures, activities and basic and important things.

Here are a few things every expat's parents need to consider before shortlisting the best preschool in Malaysia, Let’s get started!

Living In Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a popular tourist destination and is mostly preferred by expats.

It is the financial, cultural and economic center of Malaysia with a bustling multicultural metropolis, traditional cuisines, nature reserves, the best international school in Malaysia, and activities for children.


Kuala Lumpur has a tropical climate. The temperatures are often between 23 to 33 degrees and rarely below 21 or above 35 degrees.

The hot season is from February to May and the cold season is from November to January. There is heavy and intense rainfall which gets clear quickly throughout the year.

Cost Of Living

Living in Kuala Lumpur is affordable and we are not just saying for the sake but it is backed by the 2020 Mercer Cost of Living Survey, where Kuala Lumpur secured 144th place out of 209 cities worldwide, which shows that it is one of the most affordable places to live in the world.

Kuala Lumpur is cheaper than any other foreign country and rent is, on average. You can easily get a wide variety of large, empty houses for rent.

So you can choose the best which is near to your children's school and close to your office.

If you are worried about choosing the best place to live in Kuala Lumpur then it should be obviously Kuala Lumpur City Center which will put you in the heart of everything from malls, restaurants, entertainment, parks and the best international school in Malaysia which is half an hour from the city center.

But again choose as per your convenience, check what suits your need as there are some other good locations such as Damansara Heights, Bangsar, Desa Sri Hartamas, Mont Kiara, Bukit Tunku and more.


Do not worry about transportation in Kuala Lumpur as you will experience one of the most robust and effective transport networks in the world.

KL Sentral is the main and the largest railway station in Southeast Asia.

It connects six rail networks across Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Singapore and Thailand so you can easily plan for a family holiday.

There are buses, shuttles and cars services for more convenience but it is advisable to make use of rail transport because roads and streets are often overcrowded and have heavy traffic.


This is an important factor that parents must consider before moving abroad.

However, Kuala Lumpur’s education system is excellent with plenty of private and international schools and a wide variety of curriculum options for expats such as American, British, Australian or International Baccalaureate curriculum.

There are public schools that provide education free of cost for both expats and local children.

However the languages are Malay, Tamil or Mandarin so if your child does not know these languages it can be challenging for them in public school.

The best option would be to put them in the best international school in Malaysia where you do not have to worry about languages, curriculum, and cost.

If you are moving to Kuala Lumpur with young children then you must be worried about finding the best preschool in Malaysia for them.

Do not worry, we have covered that as well.

Preschool Checklist For Parents

Here are some checklists that will help you in finding the right school for your child.

1. Preschool Philosophies

Preschool in Kuala Lumpur will differ compared to your home country in terms of philosophy and teaching styles.

You need to find the one that suits your and your child’s needs. Find the one that you can relate to.

Visit a few preschools, explore, check the environment, other children and teachers' interactions which will give you an overall idea about the preschool and whether it matches with the one that you are looking for and if it is suitable for your child or not.

2. Your Child’s Needs

The best preschool in Malaysia is the one that meets your child’s specific needs. 

For example, some schools require students to be preschool ready and they have a checklist that a child must know before entry to preschool.

So if your child fails in it then admission is not possible.

Look for a preschool that meets your child’s needs for eg:- if they are not preschool ready then find a school that does not have criteria for entry instead they will train them overall.

Your child will be spending a lot of their time in preschool, so it should meet their needs or they might feel stressed.

3. Curriculum

Montessori preschool’s curriculum is best for children as the curriculum focuses on 5 areas such as practical life, sensorial, math, languages, and culture.

If have this option in your school then nothing like it but if you have no option in your school then at least find a curriculum that aims to deliver some below-given components:

● Develops a love for learning.

● Develops literacy, social, physical, and cognitive development.

● Gives them time to work at their own pace.

● Where children learn from practical experiences guided by teachers.

4. Languages

In the best international school in Malaysia, you will find the language options Bahasa Malaysia, English, and Mandarin which becomes easy for children to learn in their known language.

Also seeing other students from different communities speaking different languages creates interest in them to learn.

Spending more time in preschool helps them to learn other languages.

Find a preschool that has multi-language options so that your child gets exposure to several languages which can help them to communicate locally, but also internationally in other languages as well in future.

5. Sensory Activities And Work Materials

Find the best preschool that gives exposure to activities that involve five basic senses to explore, adapt, and interact with the others around them.

Preschool should have activities and work materials designed to develop children’s fine motor skills, cognitive development, problem-solving, creative and critical thinking skills.

6. Safety And Security

Every parent wants their child to learn and play in a safe and secure environment.

So have detailed research about the school that you are finalizing, take reviews from other parents, check yourself about the staff, teachers, background check, security measures and visitors policy, school bus GPS tracking facilities and notification of timings, etc have peace of mind.

7. Distance

Find a preschool that is near to your residence so that you are comfortable dropping them off or they travel by school bus and reach in a few minutes.

Spending extra time commuting negatively affects a child’s development as they may be drained and may not have the energy to learn or rest.


● Pick the best preschool in Malaysia that’s close to where you plan to live to.

● Allow your children to play with other kids in your residential area or school so that they mingle and get along with them and slowly they will build friendships.

● You as parents will get to know more about other parents, and you never know you might also get good friends which will help you to know more about the country and their culture.

● First few terms, let your child settle down so give them enough time and do not stress them over grades.

In order to make your children feel homely in Kuala Lumpur, take them to new places where they can enjoy, where you also get opportunities to explore. Here are some ideas:-

● Take them on a food tour.

● Go for a boat ride on the Selangor River.

● Visit hanging bridges at Kuala Lumpur’s Forest Eco Park, Petronas Towers, Batu Caves.

● Explore the shopping malls.


Now your research of knowing about Kuala Lumpur is almost done and you must have got an idea about all the essential things and things you should consider before moving to any country.

No doubt you have made the best choice by choosing Kuala Lumpur, an incredible, fun-filled and culturally diverse city that is growing at an alarming rate and you will notice many other positive developments in future.

Kuala Lumpur has a lot to offer in terms of opportunities for you and your children.

As a parent, you need to find the best for your children to give them a similar environment as in your home country so that there is no impact on their education.

Give your child a solid education foundation with the best international school in Malaysia in their formative years. Make sure you clear all your doubts before finalizing any preschools.

Ms. Radha Alagappan

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