Teachers are a Source of Inspiration!

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Jan 4, 2023
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We all have that one teacher who has been our favourite in school. We remember this teacher fondly, and recall how he/she impacted our lives. This is true for many young adults today, who look up to the school teachers who have contributed towards shaping them as much as their parents. 

Teachers are more than just guides, they are a source of inspiration too. Their job goes beyond just getting you sufficient knowledge to move from one grade to the next. A teacher inadvertently becomes a caretaker, a guardian, for every single student who studies their subjects, and often even for some who don’t but have conversations with them. They are as proud of their achievements as an adult from their family.

But the life of a teacher is not easy. Dealing with students day in and day out is consuming enough, they also have to deal with parents and academic demands. So while teaching is one part of the job, there are other behind the scenes activities that a teacher has to do, which often goes unnoticed.

So what is it that a teacher does beyond academics that impacts students? 

A teacher always has to remember the unique strengths and weaknesses of each student which will help them in nurturing his/her talent fully. Students often have self doubt and a good teacher makes sure that students are reminded of their talents and skills and encouraged to pursue them. 

Inspiring students to be the best version of themselves comes with the job. A good teacher will always encourage students to be communicative and interact, express and experience. Doing this in a balanced way to accommodate students who come from different backgrounds and don’t share common interests, hobbies, or skill sets can be a difficult job.

Then there are the demands of school management and board activities that are also part of teaching careers. Every education institution has a set of rules, and teachers need to remember that all their actions have to be within these boundaries. 

All this needs to be performed with professional manners intact, no matter what hardships come their way. This is an extremely underrated aspect of the life of a teacher as they have to often be stoic in the face of emotional impacts.

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How do Teachers Inspire Students

When a teacher is an inspiration for students, they challenge students to use their imagination, intellect, and expectations. They also form a bond of mutual trust and respect with their students. They invite the students to be a part of their learning journey too. The best international school in Malaysia must have teachers that inspire their students.

Here’s a list of things teachers can inspire students to do:

● Focus on goals: For teachers, often it is the destination that matters more than the journey. They allow students to take their preferred methods to get to the end goal as long as they stay within prescribed methods.

● Strategising: Teachers implement a wide range of strategies to impart learning in different ways to different students in the same class. This is meant to make sure everyone is on the same page. Such result-oriented strategies can promote independent thinking and compassion among students.

● Self-motivation: Teachers constantly keep updating and refining their systems as they continuously want to improve their knowledge as well as that of their students. Such qualities among teachers can leave the most long-lasting impressions for self-growth among students. It is often these quietly taught lessons that remain in the minds of students well beyond their academic years.

● Values: Teachers are true role models for students to learn from. They learn right and wrong, good and bad, correct and incorrect from their teacher. Beyond academics, students also learn a plethora of morals and values from their teachers as well.

● Hardwork and patience: Students learn to become leaders by observing how teachers apply themselves in the job at hand. Working round the clock, being there for the student whenever he/she needs them, giving extra attention to those in need are all behaviours that show hard work.

● Integrity: Students observe the happenings inside a classroom. A teacher who displays honesty, loyalty to the job at hand and tenacity will reflect these values on students. They learn how to work with others, gain confidence, take action, understand cooperation. Reflecting on the behavior they notice makes them practice the same for themselves.

● Passion: Students get inspired by seeing their teachers in work mode. Shared planning sessions and teaching classes make students see the importance of adjusting and cooperation. They also see how any subject can be enhanced with a little bit of excitement and true passion.

What Students can Learn from These Teachers

A lot of lessons are learned by students in schools, many of which are not academic. Teachers often mention that they cannot teach students everything in classrooms or group situations. Many characteristics are developed in isolation or by mere observation and mimicry. 

Here are some things students can learn from teachers beyond classroom activities:

● Teamwork: Working with others is a major component that needs to be ingrained in the lives of students. This is an ethic that almost every individual will need for their respective future.

● Sharing: This is yet another major life skill that students are taught by their teachers from a very young age.

● Leadership and responsibility: Students are given a platform by their teachers to take upon these two aspects on their own, both inside and outside of the classroom.

● Respect and equality: These are not just skills or ethics, they are values. Students learn how to respect all members of society and give everyone an equal and unbiased turn.

● Students learn openness and acceptance from their teacher:. Teachers are trained to treat every student the same way, regardless of anything. No classroom situation allows discrimination. A teacher is equally caring towards all their students.

● Students also learn empathy: If a classmate is impaired in any form, students automatically develop a sense of care around them by observing the way their teachers behave. They volunteer to help their friend in all ways possible and guide them through any issues they may be facing a problem with.

● Accepting failure and faults: Students who can accept their faults and admit to wrongdoing learn honesty and integrity faster than when they are forced to accept their wrongdoings in a classroom.

A good teacher will always be remembered for showing trust in their students and encouraging them to do better. Such behaviour influences the character and the mind of students who strive to excel beyond academic success.

GIIS communications team

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