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GIIS communications team
May 19, 2021

In the last few decades, the Malaysian government has been extremely active in bringing in skilled expatriates into the nation. Due to this drive, along with the expatriates there had been an influx of their families also. That also meant that a large number of children also came to the nation who now looked for global education in premier educational institutions. That is the reason there has been a trend of rising international schools in not only Kuala Lumpur but the whole of Malaysia. However in so many of these international schools there are only some, who are proving to be excellent seats of knowledge, like the Global Indian International School that is providing premium international standard education for very less money in comparison to any other Kuala Lumpur international school fees structure.

If you have already moved to Malaysia or are thinking of moving to Malaysia along with your family, you would be extremely happy to know that there are multiple options of international schools in the city of Kuala Lumpur. 

Kuala Lumpur, like any other major capital city of Asia, boasts of several international schools which provide high standards as well as a wide variety of curriculums that will cater to students coming from different backgrounds. In this nation all the schools are regulated by the Private Education Department or PED which falls under the category Ministry of Education. The Private Education Department is an extremely strict organization which has stringent parameters of quality. They are notoriously quick to impose fines on any school which does not fall into the category of their stringent standards of education and quality. 

That is the reason one can rest assured about the quality of the schools that they will find in the nation because of the fear that PED has inculcated in them with their regular visitations in these schools. That is the reason they religiously strive to maintain the standards throughout the year.

Kuala Lumpur has a British colonial past and it is connected to the United Kingdom as well and that is the reason English is the most common language of instruction in this city. The British curriculum, along with the International Baccalaureate, is the curriculum that is most commonly used in most of the international schools in Kuala Lumpur. There are other schools also which offer curriculum based on these nations namely:

● Australian

● Indian

● German

● French

● American

A very large population of Kuala Lumpur practices Islam and that is the reason there are many schools which follow Muslim ethos too. 

The International Schools in Malaysia -  A Rising Trend

There is a rising growth in the demand of international schools in not only expat families but also for local students. In the year of 2012, the Malaysian government decided to remove the 40% limit that was imposed on local students attending international schools. This change of policy altered the whole size as well as the demographic of international schools and led to the rise of a trend of new international schools growing in Malaysia, especially in major cities such as Kuala Lumpur. In the current government policy, a minimum of 50% student population in most of the schools should be of Malaysian origin. 

This is the reason the international schools are now fast becoming a true example of unification of students coming from various religions, ethnicities, nationalities as well as economic backgrounds. 

The Global Indian International School - The International School That Understands

Not all the international schools are properly well equipped to understand and comprehend the different requirements that are specific to students of such a large variety of population. Only some schools like the Global Indian International School are well equipped to understand special needs and how to cater to a student population that is of such a varied origin.

The staff and the teachers here are specially trained to cater to the varied needs of students of different backgrounds. All the students here are provided with a holistic, healthy environment where they thrive together regardless of whatever backgrounds they come from.

Why is the Global Indian International School of Kuala Lumpur Different?

The aim of the Global Indian International School is to create unlimited opportunities for its students who will eventually become the global citizens of tomorrow. The school adopts many future ready processes as well as practices in order to create future ready individuals. And that, precisely, is what makes this school successful. It thinks out of the box to create learning experiences that are not only global in its standards but several years ahead of its time. 

This is the reason why GIIS is the leader of Indian schools in the whole of Kuala Lumpur. Not only does it boast of a unique curriculum but it also supports that curriculum with latest technologies as well as innovative thinking which is embedded in a value system that is solid and virtuous in tone. The school through its innovative pedagogy and creative methodologies prepares its students to become successful individuals who will thrive in a multifaceted, dynamic global environment without any problems.

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The Global Indian International School’s 9 GEMS TM Holistic Learning Framework

This 9 GEMS holistic framework is a special kind of pedagogy that focuses on the 9 aspects of the students' development. Through this methodology they ensure that the focus of education is not only on academics but also on sports and other kinds of creativities and talents. They ensure that the innate traits of leadership as well as entrepreneurship in association with innovation in a student are encouraged. The school nurtures life skills as well as emotional development of each and every child in a specific environment where school counselors are there to help the students in every step. 

Other schools who excel academically, that is the reason are far behind in comparison to GIIS because they not only lead in academics but they also enhance the other aspects of a child which includes:

Personality Development : All the aspects of a child's personality are developed through this methodology. All their innate traits are identified and worked upon.

Academic Excellence : This methodology ensures that each child attains academic excellence and gets phenomenal results when they sit for their board examinations each year.

Sports Excellence : As a part of their all round development, facilities and provisions are provided for the students who are so interested in sports so that they can shine in this sphere as well.

Visual & Performing Arts : The teachers and coordinators are specially trained to understand if a particular child is showing talent of visual or performing arts and this talent is developed further when they are encouraged to take part in various events and programs that will groom them better.

Entrepreneurship & Leadership : They are provided with an innovative approach and exposure so that their entrepreneurship as well as leadership qualities come out.

Innovation & Creativity : Each child is encouraged to innovate and bring forth creative ideas and approaches in this school without the fear of being judged or being stuck in a stringent environment.

Universal Values & Ethics : The teacher teaches its students values and ethics that are universal in nature. Based on Gandhian philosophy, the Global Indian International School believes that every child should be inculcated with his philosophies of truth, honesty and dedication. 

Community & Care : Each child is taught to take care of their immediate community and environment. That is the reason there are activities such as gardening done by the students so that they understand about their world in depth. 

Skill Development : Students of GIIS are provided with training and knowledge that they will require to develop skills which will be useful for them in the future life.

Even Kuala Lumpur international school fees are reasonable and there are plenty of scholarships through which a meritorious child could have an easier access to world class education.

GIIS communications team

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